Be Mine Anniversary Bundle

For 1$:

  • Eschalon Book II
  • iBomber Defense Pacific
  • Livalink
  • Party of Sin
  • Be Mine Anniversary EP

For 5$:

  • Men of War: Assault Squad
  • Two Worlds 2
  • Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes
  • Planets Under Attack
  • Party of Sin Soundtrack
  • Two Worlds 2 Soundtrack

First bonus:

  • Major Mayhem

No No Time To Explain. Sad just sad! But I'll have the chance to have an official Party of Sin copy.

wormmayhem (1 year ago)


hiryuuX31 (1 year ago)

will definitely grab the $1 bundle. may go up to the $5 later. not sure since i would probably never listen to the soundtracks and i have one of the $5 games already...

Metallus (1 year ago)

Only Party of Sin it's good.

paranoid4ndroid (1 year ago)
Shidomurdok (1 year ago)

iBomber & Men of War makes it worthy for me. Cheers!

Lileemon (1 year ago)

hmm I'm not totally interested in the games that are listed. I only like Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes.

NibidXW4 (1 year ago)

Great bundle, will buy it of course.

GomBas (1 year ago)

Great bundle, I hope there will be more games as bonus.

Peroxide (1 year ago*)

Hopefully those people who are creating giveaways already for these titles are simply getting rid of their gifts before the bundle starts.

I'll be bookmarking these giveaways and checking when the gift was sent, so please don't try to be smart

Solnaga (1 year ago)

Will be getting this for Edna & Harvey! :o
And what's Be Mine Anniversary EP?

that'll be some music


(1 year ago)

Music from games or what exactly?


(1 year ago)

exactly, I don't know -- but Groupees usually has music from various other artists they wish to promote (before they did the game bundle thing, they did music bundles (and they still do))


(1 year ago*)

Ahh ok, guess we'll have to wait ^__^


(1 year ago)

Games, remixes of games, random independent musicians that support them. I got their last one, it had some pretty good stuff on in all seriousness.


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Solnaga (1 year ago)

Oh wow Party of Sin as well ._. how is that in the dollar bundle? O_O *throws checkbook at screen*

rasLivity (1 year ago)

wow! this is a big disappointment...i think, i just wait the next HIB

How is Party of Sin for $1 a disappointment? A 2 month old game at 93% off is more than a steal.


(1 year ago)

yes, i understand that its a very new game, but this bundle just has no games for what i would spend even a dollar. maybe if i would have a job then i would buy it, to get iBomber Defense Pacific and Livalink, but that Party of Sin, that look very boring to me :D


(1 year ago)

Alshadur (1 year ago)

Was Eschalon Book I in a bundle and I missed it? :(

'Fraid so :/


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Yup, Be Mine 6 :)


(1 year ago)

EddyGaming (1 year ago)

wait, i want to give away the two worlds 2 velvet edition. Is it going to be a bundle giveaway thing then? D:

Most likely not since it contains DLC


(1 year ago)

cats (1 year ago)

Normally I would get the $5, but the $1 games look better

You still get the $1 games with the $5 one...


(1 year ago)

xanthan (1 year ago)

So WHEN is this?



(1 year ago)

Matrixomega (1 year ago)

Does anyone have a launch date indicator

TimeBomb (1 year ago)

Nice! Going to pick up $1 bundle just for party of sin.

waskaxo (1 year ago)

I think that I'll pick the 1$ bundle. From the 5$ I'm just interested in "Edna & Harvey", as I already have TW2 VE and the 3 other games of MoW saga.
PS: I have seen a review of Planets under attack on youtube and it's quite boring. Clicky

Cheeseburgermafia (1 year ago)

I was thinking about picking up Eschalon Book I soon, but this bundle changes that to a YES. I'll be in the 5 dollar club.

Mew2 (1 year ago*)

Going to get the $1 one since the extra $4 only gives bad games and random sountracks I don't want.

Mondocoffee (1 year ago)

Can you give away other games in the bundle? Like if I only wanted a few of them, like Two Worlds, and gave away the rest.

I believe so.


(1 year ago)

You can, but with giving away bundle games you can only get up to 30$ contributor value


(1 year ago)

Thanks I want a bunch of the games in it, but I think it would be better to give the ones I would not play away. Plus I want to actually contribute here.


(1 year ago)

lorek (1 year ago)

it is on

"it's alive and kickin'"


(1 year ago)

hikayeci51 (1 year ago)

mystrey game? this?

slender: arrival?


(1 year ago)

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