(Closed) How does steamgifts exactly work?

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Hi, I've been using steamgifts for a while now. But really I've been wondering how exactly it works, so far I know you get 1p every so many points, but I've noticed when you dont win an auction you get P aswell. Or is that just me beeing retarded?

Also, people contribute by putting up give aways (and this might sound selfish but its not meant that way) What do they get out of it? extra P, or just the thanks from people?

Thanks for answering my questions on forehand.

Regards, NrSeven

Lorkhan (Support) (2 years ago)

You get points when somebody creates a giveaway. For each giveaway everyone receives 5% of the games point value, with a minimum of 1 point.

You don't get anything from creating a giveaway, not even the 5% points.

A little clarification, only public giveaways are generating points, private and group giveaways don't add points.


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^What the router said.

Lorkhan (Support)

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Thx for the clarification :)


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shadowgrin (2 years ago*)

smh at Bronies. Read the FAQ in the forums. Thanks.

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Actually, you should have read the FAQ, because now you're suspended.


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divinemango (2 years ago)

We don't get anything in return...



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>implying there is such a thing


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WadimKa (2 years ago)

there is so much fake gifts!

Lezz (2 years ago)

Gremlins, lots of them

TheUnknownM (2 years ago*)

You win a giveaway by magic "snort" "snort"

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