I have the hat, so here is your present...

the winterpuzzle 2

updated, now easier to solve!



  • No sharing answers, hints or links. I'll report you and you'll get banned and blacklisted and that is not what you want.
  • RTFF
  • No revealing what game is gifted. Solve or do not solve, I don't care.
  • NO spoilers or commenting the answers here - you can do that on the giveaway page.

Also, here's public giveaway for those who are not puzzle solvers (not the same game), and an easier winterpuzzle 1!

NastyHero (2 years ago)

What is this, I don't even... See you in 166 hours.

Me too.
Hopefully the wait will be worth it.


(2 years ago)



(2 years ago)

cyocyu (2 years ago)

this is section from a book or a poem ? This is not a question :O

Naveei (2 years ago)

dafuq is this

NB264 (2 years ago*)

I've made an entirely new quiz! Try again if you want...

cass1234567890 (2 years ago)

nice one

Boukan (2 years ago)

Very nicely done.

bobofatt (Support) (2 years ago)

Bump for solved :)

drbeckett (2 years ago)

nice, will check some of those

DillonMabry (2 years ago)

Bumped for solved, thanks!

juzer (2 years ago)

Not that hard :)

skanda (2 years ago)

Bumpity bump.

Botev1912 (2 years ago)

Solved, the new puzzle is a lot easier, I'd say even easier than winterpuzzle 1 :)

Yeah, I removed "hard" mark from topic title.


(2 years ago)

Oneironaut21 (2 years ago)

I never saw the first puzzle, but this one was very easy. Already have the game, but enjoyed it anyway.

Nfreak (2 years ago)

Solved. Thanks for the fun =)

Yokuo (2 years ago)

Bumping for solved. Love the picture on 3.

Doobs (2 years ago*)

Easier than the first one. Although, I did use quite a few guesses on every single one of them, until I figured out the theme of it. Also bump.

Dominator86 (2 years ago)

Solved! :D

Skylight (2 years ago)

Solved :)

tstddj (2 years ago)

solved :P

weemadarthur (2 years ago)


MihaelaC95 (2 years ago)


Ogisha (2 years ago)

got it

kangarooster (2 years ago)

Have it, thanks anyway ^^

Pandryl (2 years ago)

Easyer than the first one

retsukun (2 years ago)

It's so easy when you know the rules It's so easy all you have to do is fall in love

Also, bumpy.

q00u (2 years ago)

Quiz rating: A

No brutefocring required!

Derniere (2 years ago)

bump, solved

godprobe (2 years ago)

bump for solved! :)

Cymbaline (2 years ago)

Bump for solved!

Bogysha (2 years ago)

Solved tnx

MiNed (2 years ago)

Решио! Хвала! :D

cams02 (2 years ago)


Alphabets (2 years ago)

Solved it, thanks!

Bifes (2 years ago)

Bump for solved, tks for the puzzle :D

Debord (2 years ago*)

Some well-regarded [REDACTED] mixed in with the fantasy stuff. You continue to surprise.

wwfarch (2 years ago)

Thanks for the nice puzzle. The only question I really struggled with was Q4 until I realized I was missing the obvious.

JCDenton (2 years ago)

Solved. That was kinda easier. Haha. Thanks for the giveaway!

vtx (2 years ago)


Xacradin (2 years ago)

^solved :D

Limelicious (2 years ago)

its really easier than 2 Qs before ^^

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