someone can give me an game for 2 cards?

ShiroPT (1 year ago)

Fortix + 1 TF2 item I'd say. I sold 14 cards for 6€ in items and fortix.

DackXYZ (1 year ago*)

No trading here. For an idea of how much each card is worth, see what the minimum price they're going for on the Market is.

Boysen123 (1 year ago)


HardeKak (1 year ago)

They aren't worth anything, but still people want to pay some serious money for them.

I saw a foil one for £30!


(1 year ago)

seamzo (1 year ago)

TF2 cards: 30p and the rest are like 60-80p

Necroblight (1 year ago)

1) Market

2) NO!

Mozi111 (1 year ago)

I sold all of them (that is without Dota 2) and got 11 eur.

wuut (1 year ago)

Just sold 3 TF2 cards and 3 Portal 2 cards for Hitman Absolution.

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