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McSi (1 year ago)


KingKiller (1 year ago)


Detruire (1 year ago)

Ty :)

bibboorton (1 year ago)

Merry Christmas!

thedoctor1ko (1 year ago)


sgobbone (1 year ago)


WilliWuerstchen (1 year ago)

Thanks :)

Destrado (1 year ago)

Thank you

Pangalaktichki (1 year ago)

Cross-platform multiplayer, especially for fighting games

echoMateria (1 year ago)

Thanks :)

CaptainUrahara (1 year ago)


simonli2575 (1 year ago)


xero8p (1 year ago)

Thank you

Dante003 (1 year ago)

Not a feature, but I would like to see more games with coop gameplay, I really like to play with my friends, not as enemies, but as friends. As a feature, crossplataform with good netcode would be great, as there are some games that theres not many people playing them, so its difficult to find someone to play with you, like Dark Souls, that I dont find many times someone to help me defeat a boss.

Ritardog (1 year ago)


i personally would like to see more cross platform playability

gangnamstyle (1 year ago*)


Definitely, steam cloud save is so useful, having console compatibility would be the next great thing.

Since we can already register with steam using a PS3 account, im hoping this feature gets implemented eventually.

MaximumBunny (1 year ago)


dalek69 (1 year ago)

Thanhs and joined :)

Fleder (1 year ago)


AH2VW (1 year ago)


halnco (1 year ago)

Thank you!

maku81 (1 year ago)


Timmaeh (1 year ago)

I dunno, I don't play on consoles :P

Mini79 (1 year ago)


DeS3InY (1 year ago)

Hvala puno!

Glotzeulor (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot!

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Thank you! :D

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deolic (1 year ago)

Thank you!

Individual (1 year ago)

Thank you~

day81 (1 year ago)

Thank you very much for your giveaway!

Miiru (1 year ago)


Collin (1 year ago)

Thanks for the giveaway! =)

HyosoHojin (1 year ago)


SteVic82 (1 year ago)

thanks :)

resii (1 year ago)


thitz (1 year ago)


Doobs (1 year ago)

:O Cheers! Now, to answer your question:
To be honest, I don't know. Cross saving, as you say, is a neat idea, though. But I think I'd rather have more seamless loading etc., but that's more the software than the hardware.

I think we will start to see a lot less loading screen this gen. Games today are designed with the limitations of 8 year old hardware (xbox 360, PS3) so with the new gen of console having more ram and better cpus not counting actual hard drives for both consoles, newer engines will definitely utilize that and reduce the amount of loading screens we have.


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