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nosef (1 year ago)


cxiong93 (1 year ago)

thanks yatterman

PTG (1 year ago)

Ewwww. Ah well time to make old ladies die.

kalil (1 year ago)

Happy Birthday!!! and thanks for the giveaway :D

Solnaga (1 year ago)

Interesting... never seen this game before. Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway! :)

mikagee (1 year ago)

sweet thx man

CrysisX (1 year ago)

Thank you Shana! :P

Pruflas (1 year ago)

Thank you Yatterman =)

BloodEmblem (1 year ago)

It must be fun to have your birthday by the end of every year

Not really, I don't get as many gifts from family members as i'd like P:


(1 year ago)

xarabas (1 year ago)

Happy Birthday, i hope this will be your last



(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

Incog (1 year ago)

but in the end, it doesn't even matter

yolo #swag #linkinpark420


(1 year ago)



(1 year ago)

copsofhalo (1 year ago)

Thanks & Happy Birthday

Muttadactyl (1 year ago)

Thank you sir and happy birthday.

Lagniprimatte (1 year ago)

Happy Birthday!@#$%!%$#^&%$!@$! I won't be entering, but hopefully you've recovered from can't-spell-fuuuu-idis.

MisterXYZ (1 year ago)

Thanks for giving away the chance to die :)

akaSM (1 year ago)

Happy birthday, Yattermango!

Birthday give away...graveyard

Yatterman is old and afraid of dying :O

Omae wa mo shindeiru.


(1 year ago)

Mezza (1 year ago)


i got the sausage, you be the dough

let me make some sticky cheese

you provide the sauce

Dude. Dude. Ok.


(1 year ago)

Mezza (1 year ago*)

fjkdck you

Impal3rvlad (1 year ago)

Order pizza from Papa Johns online and get the Cinna Stix or w/e. Also Happy B-Day!!!

ThisBeReza (1 year ago)

Thanks for the giveaway :)

kataztrophik (1 year ago)


shadow0524 (1 year ago)

Happy Birthday :)

b521 (1 year ago)

this game looks awesome, thanks! happy birthday :D

Ateszmadman (1 year ago)

Happy Birthday :)

IgotElbows (1 year ago)

Sent. :)

Thx. Happy bday.

KarasuOverlord (1 year ago)

Thanks! Wonder if it's similar to Dear Esther kind of game.

Xiangming (1 year ago)

sheng ri kuai le yatterman!

RedOctagon (1 year ago)

Interesting, I thought I had this, but apparently not. Thanks for the chance!

chronicdiscord (1 year ago)

Hope it goes well Yatterman.

RagersReplacement (1 year ago)

Thx, I guess the assassin hasn't gotten to you yet.

20 years man.


(1 year ago)

D33DL1T (1 year ago)

Thanks.. :D

AmirATM (1 year ago)

Happy Birthday Yatterman. Wish you the best.

Crazee (1 year ago)

Happy Birthday! I wont be entering since I don't think I'll get around to playing this any time soon, but thank you anyway :)

ShortTime (1 year ago)

Happy Birthday

Olddan (1 year ago)

Thank you Yatterman. Happy birthday!

Hotax (1 year ago)

thanks, i've always wanted this triple a game! and ofc most importantly happy b-day!

TheGrimHeaper (1 year ago)

can you buy me pizza instead

SineNomine (1 year ago*)

Thanks & happy birthday!

BubbyBobble (1 year ago)

Happy birthday, and thanks for a chance to win this interesting title. I played a demo of it not too long ago, and it was full to the brim with accidental humor. I pretty much lost it when it got to this point in the game.

That is hilarious out of context.


(1 year ago)

Indeed it is! X) The demo I played has a lot of these moments.


(1 year ago)

jatan11t (1 year ago)

Happy Birthday? You're so old now ohohohoho

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