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Kalzar (1 year ago)

I like it myself, though I could wish it was less tied to the trading card system. As to the cards, I think the system needs some work. Much as you stated in your answer. If I could push thru one needed change it would be to reduce the free-to-play card drop limit cost. $9 is way to much. I'd probaly put it around the price of a key so $2.50 or so. As it stands now, it's easier and cheaper to buy the cards instead of an item, and the ones putting money into the games aren't likely to be intrested in doing it for the card drops. They would probaly just buy the background/emoticon/ect on the market instead. Also nice choice for a giveaway. Thanks!

I agree, the $9 F2P card drop price is way too high... It should be a single in game item (I don't think I've ever seen an item in TF2 or Dota 2 that cost less than $.75 which is more than enough for a single card drop that can only be sold for about $.10 now anyway)

I also think that you should be able to choose the profile reward you get from crafting a summer getaway badge, I crafted a level 1 badge a few hours ago and the reward I got was "+5 to my friends list", my friends list has NEVER gone over 100 let alone gotten near the old capacity of around 250 or so (I've never come close so I actually have no idea what the "regular" limit is for friends list). I would have much rather had ANYTHING else over the "+5 friends list capacity" reward. :(

Also, thank you thank you very much for this awesome giveaway xamon0288! (⌐■_■)

I've really had my eye on this game since I found out that it was on Steam, but with living on a fixed income, buying games for myself is basically out of the question until I get a new PC and start making money from uploading videos to YouTube again.


(1 year ago)

Makuta (1 year ago)

I would enjoy it more if there were the game-action based card drops, thanks for the giveaway ^_^

Osiris11235 (1 year ago)


inmemory (1 year ago)


thedoctor1ko (1 year ago)

thanks,i loved bionic commando rearmed, i'm not sure how good this one was meant to be but i like the idea

FaithNoMore82 (1 year ago*)

Thank You! I like the idea, but i would love to see the ability to get all cards from game.

That would create a real trading market, in my opinion, right now it's just who has more moneyyyz

Pangalaktichki (1 year ago)

Thanks. I like the idea of leveling and have gatheres a few badges but was mostly selling the cards. I'm not too into trading cards, that's why I stopped playing Magic the Gathering. As some people said, it would be more interesting if the cards were tied to either achievements or completing some parts of the game.

Anannke (1 year ago)


xero8p (1 year ago)

Thank you

Andrea (1 year ago)

Thanks for the giveaway !

spydrebyte (1 year ago)

Thankyou :)

Dewgy (1 year ago)

Thank ya

echoMateria (1 year ago)

Thank you!

maku81 (1 year ago)


smog0 (1 year ago)


sungwon (1 year ago)


Vincent88 (1 year ago)


dimon222 (1 year ago)


erestor29a (1 year ago)


namoni (1 year ago)

Thanks! :)

BaseBallDudeSter (1 year ago)


bxsmithbai (1 year ago)

Thanks for the giveaway mate!

copsofhalo (1 year ago)

Thanks ^_^

zzz343 (1 year ago)


Zellidon (1 year ago)

Thank you :D

Destrado (1 year ago)

Thank you

AzNSoLjA (1 year ago)

Thank you for this awesome opportunity for the community!

HaHaBG (1 year ago)


Detruire (1 year ago)

Thank you.

VampMonk (1 year ago)

Thank you!

Soto928 (1 year ago)

Thanks for the opportunity.

Espo (1 year ago)


SteVic82 (1 year ago)

I like them but I think that the best way to use them is to have both ways to drop (with time and with doing things in games) and to have booster packs more frequent beacause at the moment is impossibile to obtain a medal without paying and I'm also with Kalzar on the drop limit in the F2P games.

Thanks for the GA

santoameno (1 year ago)


PCgamerz (1 year ago)


Saturingami (1 year ago)

Thanks You :)

NobodyMK (1 year ago)

Thanks muchly!

SimonM95 (1 year ago)


I think 100% like you at this question. implementation isn't that great. I also 'd like to get something more than just emoticons etc. for the Sale Cards... I haven't used steam yet when you could get free games :(

Aneszej (1 year ago)


jonahbit (1 year ago)

Thank you!

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