Congratulations to the below winner! For security, winners remain anonymous until their gift is received.
kataztrophik (1 year ago)

Already have this but thanks so much for an epic giveaway! :)

Doc1 (1 year ago)


Nonos (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot Kappei! :)

line (1 year ago)

Don't have 6 games so I'll pass. Thanks !

kzwen (1 year ago)

Thanks for the pack. Awesome since I own none of them. :)

CrysisX (1 year ago)

Not gonna enter since I'm only missing two from the collection. Thanks though! :)

Unicorn (1 year ago)

yay, another complete pack :)) thanks and good luck everyone

Raik (1 year ago)

Awww,, Thanks so much for this! =)

Fragger (1 year ago)

Don't have any of the games, yay! =P

Thanks a lot.

Cubi2k (1 year ago)

Won this pack already.

Too many SamĀ“s for one life :p

Thanks anyway, dude!

ThisIsN (1 year ago)

thats amazing ;d thank you! :)

Disturbed0ne (1 year ago)

This giveaway is awesome!

I've actually never played a Serious Sam game before. I would really like to change that.

Thank you very much Kappei!

juzer (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot! :)

Weehamster (1 year ago)

<3 :-)

GamerSick (1 year ago)

I have only the 2nd encounter... and love it! ;p Thank you! o/

Prolific (1 year ago)

than you for such a generous giveaway. :)

HugCat (1 year ago)

Thanks Kappei!!!

Elwinbu (1 year ago)

Thanks alot Kappei! very generous from you!

Leires (1 year ago)

God damn, i've been trying to win this and trying to win this, i musta spent well over 2000 points. Here goes another 95 to the horde i've spent. Thanks for the chance, good sir. D: Maybe this'll be the one. ._.

Jonex (1 year ago)

Great giveaway, thanks :)

XxDemonSniperxX (1 year ago)

Thanks alot Kappei :) Glad to have you on board btw.

Memoir (1 year ago)

:D Thanks! You're awesome!

lynxil (1 year ago)

thank you!!!

emotionengine (1 year ago)

Grazie mille, Kappei! Don't own any of the Serious Sam games yet :)

sardanapal (1 year ago)

Excellent giveaway Kappei, thanks a lot! Hopefully, I have a couple of hours to consider how much playtime I'd need to devote to all these games before entering. :)

Sewaz (1 year ago)

Own most of the games, so I wont enter. Thanks for the giveaway :D

JCTango (1 year ago)

ty kappei!

Ansatsunin (1 year ago)

Why thank you kind sir, for this giveaway :3

EvilMoo (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot, Kappei! I've been entering for this pack for a while.

Mozendo (1 year ago)

Unlike yesterday I don't have a joke about the game's title. ;____;

crazyseeder (1 year ago)

Bloody awesome.. Thanks a tonne man.

CallsignX (1 year ago)

Again, much appreciated kap, but I own most of it!
Thanks, regardless!

cristian2677 (1 year ago)


crazyseeder (1 year ago)

Bloody awesome.. Thanks a tonne man.

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