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DeltaBladeX (1 year ago)

Thanks for creating the giveaway. Been interested in this one for a while.

As have I. GL


(1 year ago)

Efreak (1 year ago)


konyo42 (1 year ago)

Been hoping to come across one of these, thanks OP!

Aserith (1 year ago)

Thanks for the chance, some friends told me this game story is awesome.

This game will make you feel and leave you in awe. Best part is it's going to get a sequel, I see some real potential from these guys and the world/story they've set up.


(1 year ago)

Even better!

I mostly like games for it's story more than it's gameplay :)


(1 year ago)

This is definitely one of those movie-esque games that you'll power through in 3-4 hours, but the delivery of it all is beautiful.


(1 year ago)

fiftykyu (1 year ago)

Aha, thank you for being so generous, and for the pity link... :) I couldn't find it... :(

And yes, you're quite right, the picture is from the booklet included in the Tonari no Totoro Orchestra Stories CD... :)

BubbyBobble (1 year ago)

Heck yeah! I've really been wanting this. Thanks a lot for the giveaway, BotheredMe. ^-^

SemiJames (1 year ago)

Thanks for this giveaway, though it was closed. Also, the topic it was in was closed. Yeah.

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