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djfallen (1 year ago)

thnx :D

MegaGiga (1 year ago)

Today was a really dull day...Tho I'm going to play some basketball in an hour, so that can be good :D

Thanks :)

Great :)) Good luck on basketball :)


(1 year ago)

Zawazuki (1 year ago)

Thanks a ton! -reward-

DackXYZ (1 year ago)

Nice one, cheers.

Newcastle picked up a draw against Norwich. A decent point to take away from home but we need to win. ;_;

tombence12 (1 year ago)


Dgek90PL (1 year ago*)

Thanks alot! I winned today magicka: vietnam dlc from galagiveaways! That's great because I winned base magicka yesterday here on SG :)

Wow! Lucky you ;)


(1 year ago)

kulapik (1 year ago)


MrBacon (1 year ago)

Well this was easy.

I gave you too much clues. I should remove some, I guess :D


(1 year ago)

And edited in forum :D


(1 year ago)

PomstaZLesa (1 year ago)

thanks :D kinda tricky

Yeah..... Because I somehow wrote incorrect name :| Edited though


(1 year ago)

Hundred (1 year ago)

Very sneaky, surprised I actually found it! :)

Accidentally spilt tea over my ironing pile earlier :( Did get most of the day free to play games though :)

You're welcome ;)


(1 year ago)

ahoym8 (1 year ago)

Thanks brah! Easy puzzle!

Well... :D


(1 year ago)

Bazetts (1 year ago*)

Thanks! :) (nothing happened, really)

Vasigo (1 year ago)

Thank you so much Piliete!

My day pretty much just started, but I'll be going to the gym with today, which is good! I have to take a math assessment for college, which is bad/boring. :P


(1 year ago)

Ishmaeel (1 year ago)

Had to work overtime in the weekend because somebody else screwed up big time. That was the good thing that happened to me today.

Emilok (1 year ago)

It's just crazy..

elderzxvm (1 year ago)

My PC stopped working....I'm using a laptop now

PTG (1 year ago)

thanks :D

SalmonAx (1 year ago)

I slept a lot, played a tiny amount of Saints Row The Third, and then I went to Long John Silvers and got chicken. It was a good day.

Daazor53 (1 year ago)

Finally found it!

And today... well, I went shopping. And played Skyrim.

Gotta love Saturdays.

lessness (1 year ago)

Study, read, study, browse the internet. Dem exams : (

acclimative (1 year ago)

Thanks, you woke up from my nap with your loud puzzle!

DarkDay (1 year ago)

Nice one :P

juzer (1 year ago)

trying to study.. boring day :)

Zadkiel (1 year ago)


Vercinger (1 year ago)

Good: I found an awesome youtube channel: Link

Bad: I couldn't stop myself from procrastinating, and I have an important test tomorrow morning.

cams02 (1 year ago)

Good/bad today? Well, it's morning and I just woke up and ate breakfast.
Although finding this link from the reddit group is probably a good thing.

Was the direct link to this giveaway posted on Reddit? If it was, it's not supposed to be. Steamgifts rules include not sharing giveaway links for puzzles. Unless you solve it, you're not supposed to be able to enter. If someone did post it on Reddit, please let them know they're breaking SG rules.


(1 year ago)

Tarquin (1 year ago)

Thanks! It was an okay day, slept for much of it.

getmyass15 (1 year ago)

I have bought a 19 years old player with a quality of 23 (ST) for 1 token at the game top 11 :)

Ball00n (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot!

Stepukiss (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot a lot a lot! love u :)*

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