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SpartanNinja (1 year ago)

The Prestige! Thanks!

PPG113 (1 year ago)

I cry every time!

Kiru (1 year ago)


Valko (1 year ago)

We're Millers! Fresh awesome comedy :-/ And thx



(1 year ago)

chronicdiscord (1 year ago)

Thanks for sharing Dhoom.

Lethalabsol (1 year ago)

I suggest to you...Lord of the rings marathon.

Chirimorin (1 year ago)


LoveIsPatient (1 year ago)

We are entering into a grand arena here, just like the heroes of olde!

MacAssix (1 year ago)

Safe Haven, a pretty bad drama movie to impress your date?

lak3108 (1 year ago)

world war z

Haven't seen it but the book is pretty badass


(1 year ago)

qetc (1 year ago*)

the star trek expendables wars of lone wolf kung fu universe tanks 42

Nova4 (1 year ago)

How about this: Harold Lyod

Thomen (1 year ago)

Thank you! I'd recommend Moon (2009). Very underated film.

Definitely agree with you there, I really enjoyed it. I've only seen it once though, might deserve a re-watching


(1 year ago)

BrekkeKktus (1 year ago)

It is actually tree movies, but I found them good :) The Lost Room

Thanks :)

Looks cool! Thanks!


(1 year ago)

Ateszmadman (1 year ago)

Thanks for sharing! :D Hm.... World War Z

Defias (1 year ago)

Thank you very much! <3

ignlg (1 year ago)

thanks :D

MegaGiga (1 year ago)

Turkish Star Wars, of course.


You mean 'Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam'?:)


(1 year ago)

Orestisf (1 year ago*)


EDIT: Also, thanks ;)

DemonicCharr (1 year ago)

How to Train your Dragon was surprisingly good IMO

cubundara (1 year ago*)

Thanks for the giveaway! What genre do you like?

I like a lot of movies. I'm probably in the mood for something like either a good serious drama or a good action movie


(1 year ago)

I don't know... let's see.. 12 Angry Men, The Man From Earth, Reign Over Me... as for action, The Rock (1996), Children of Men, Akira (anime), Reservoir Dogs... kinda hard to suggest movies, as I tend to like 99% of the films I`ve seen... lol


(1 year ago)

Oooh, I have heard good things about 12 angry men and I have always wanted to see Akira. Definitely good suggestions :)


(1 year ago)

josgba2002 (1 year ago)

All Star Wars movies!

abc567 (1 year ago)

the avengers is a fun movie

Zharwyn (1 year ago)

Already have it but thanks :D

Piyachu (1 year ago)


wieh (1 year ago)

the host

popeye1234 (1 year ago)




(1 year ago)

Yeh i've seen some really good acting as of late, and some funny sketches....Its fine once you get passed the naked people


(1 year ago)

Tribok (1 year ago)

blade runner, thanks

CraftlordDark (1 year ago)

Second hand Lions D:

cembaba39 (1 year ago)

World War Z is nice as said on the comments above and i also loved Kick Ass 2 it was a lot of fun:)Thanks for giveaway::)

GhostZ (1 year ago)

Elysium :3

Sxcnn (1 year ago)

Pirates of Silicon Valley, way better than the "fiction" jobs

Colastar (1 year ago)


YES! That movie is so good! Gotta say, Luc Besson is one of my favorite directors...


(1 year ago)

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