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BrutoDetestsSB (2 years ago)

Thank you.

darkproman (2 years ago)


TofoCZ (2 years ago)

Thank you.

emcee80 (2 years ago)

thank you

Olde (2 years ago*)

I dislike those posts too. Good on you for speaking out against them. THEY'RE MEANINGLESS AND DEVOID OF CONTENT.

so is 90%+ of the crap submitted on here


(2 years ago*)


(2 years ago)

Shad0WeN (2 years ago)

well screw you too! ;)

Now that's more like it.


(2 years ago)

38thdoe (2 years ago)

Uh, non thank you? I appreciate the post.

SineNomine (2 years ago)


thitz (2 years ago)


soulvice (2 years ago)

Played the demo for this game and I really enjoyed it

YoshikaWai (2 years ago)


AtomicWoodchuck (2 years ago)

Thanks Gigolo :D

NovmbR (2 years ago)

Thank you

AntLion (2 years ago)

Sanctum: Collection. Nice. I'll try to win. ;)

Tizon (2 years ago)

hehe even if u dont like this but here you go thank you

lior0002 (2 years ago)

ty so much for this

WONjune (2 years ago)


BubbyBobble (2 years ago)

I assume the hate is directed towards apathetic copy/pasted thank yous that're only done for +1 post count, all without even reading the description the gifter posted? Yeah, I'm not a fan of those either. ^^; But some of us really do mean it when we say thanks. For me, I feel it's rude to not let someone know that you appreciate the chance they're giving you to win a game. That's why I always post some form of thanks whenever possible, unless asked to do otherwise. Of course I don't just say the same thing on every giveaway that I enter. I do try to mix things up a bit!

I really do appreciate the shot at this fantastic game. :) I enjoyed the hell out of what I managed to play of it during the free weekend!

YOU'RE APPRECIATION IS NOT WANTED! Kiddin', but you pretty much read my mind. Pointless posts for the sake of being pointless. And a way of seeing who actually reads what is on the description.


(2 years ago)


see what I did there?


(2 years ago)

same here :)


(2 years ago)

JNT (2 years ago)

Awesome! Thank y.. I mean, screw you!

Chuchura (2 years ago)


PnM (2 years ago*)

no "thank you!" for you then :))

acapniamaxtor (2 years ago)


Jackie93 (2 years ago)


Tuttu (2 years ago)


Psygineer (2 years ago)

It's kind of funny, I don't really see the point of mindlessly spamming thanks, but get nagged at if I don't. I agree it is pointless to spam it just to increase your meaningless post count. Also makes it harder to spot actual questions/comments with them getting burried on other pages.

At least this way we know who actually reads anything here.


(2 years ago)

BooYaka (2 years ago)


Astro123 (2 years ago)

Thank you. :D

philafel (2 years ago)

But...but I really am grateful for the giveaway and want to express thanks. :`(

Maksiu (2 years ago)

thank you :)

Dark1234Mage (2 years ago)


Agakolo (2 years ago)

No to trolololol ;D

AzNSoLjA (2 years ago)

Thank you for this awesome opportunity for the community!

Bolique (2 years ago)

I like dolls!

uvatar (2 years ago)

Meow. ='.'=

MegaZet (2 years ago)

Thank you! :)

kwik (2 years ago)


badeetzmaru (2 years ago*)

thx(I read those, but I ignore it)

Ptival (2 years ago)


JhonCorV (2 years ago)

thanks! :)

Shierzhi (2 years ago)

I don't usually thank people for giveaways, but... Thank you!

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