best of luck, everyone!
Please take a moment and have a look at this nice little battle racer game.

The humble 3 men developer team very much apprechiates every support of wishlisting, buying and reviewing the game.
Steam algorythm sadly won't grant them the full permssions yet to release trading cards and make the really nice achievements count towards personal steam stats etc. I played the game for 10 hours so far and it's really fun and challenging, also a good catch when it comes to pricing.
There also is a chance to win steam wallet money in the game at a challenge if you are skilled and reach one of the top 3 spots!
Spread the word about this game to your friends if you like it!

RUDE RACERS IS ON SALE AT THE MOMENT! 50% off for only 0,79€

received! Thanks!

3 months ago

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