(Closed) Free Rochard on IGN Prime

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Hop to it.

Yatterman (2 years ago)

Woohoo! Amazing game!

do you need a gmail account orso?

hotmail wont work :(


(2 years ago)

Putting this up here so people can see quicker without searching for it.

1) Sign up as an IGN Prime 7 day trail. 2) Enter either credit card or paypal information to continue with it (you will NOT be charged if you follow these steps). 3) After sign up is complete, go to your "Manage Prime" area: https://s.ign.com/prime-manage 4) Turn off "Automatic Renewal". This way, once the 7 day trial is over there will be no charge. 5) Download the free games/addons that you can during the 7 days from http://my.ign.com/prime/hub 6) When you click on a game and click "Get My Free Game" choose Log In and put in your IGN Prime account information in the boxes. 7) Enter the code you get in Steam.


(2 years ago)

thank you good sir : D


(2 years ago)

Tyvm good sir ;)


(2 years ago)

thanks a lot


(2 years ago)

No you don't.And yes it works.It's probably the site having trouble.

Rinarin (Mod)

(2 years ago)

explorerbc (2 years ago)

"Sign up for free" and then "choose your payment plan"

Actually it is free. Go read up on how to do it properly. http://www.steamgifts.com/forum/gQq8q/ign-prime-trials-seem-to-be-infinite


(2 years ago*)

clickable version of that link

You make links by putting the text of the links in square brackets, followed by the url in round brackets. Like this:

[link to google](http://google.com)


(2 years ago*)

wow thanks. i always wondered how people did it.

imma test it out: soccernet


(2 years ago*)

Do I need to have that 15$ on my paypal? Atm I've got there like 8$ and Paypal says that I need to add a credit card to my account when trying to verify IGN trial.


(2 years ago)

erica123 (2 years ago)

Got it, thanks! Awesome, been wanting this :D

bajandem (2 years ago)

I dont see it, yet.

You're not looking properly.


(2 years ago)

Ive been told that many times for many things;(


(2 years ago)

Kove (2 years ago)


Jaex (2 years ago)

Thanks i got it too.

venomblade (2 years ago)

I"m confused, where do I go on IGN lol.

register to ign prime account and you get game.


(2 years ago)

batman116 (2 years ago)

Thanks ^^, just got it.

RanKer (2 years ago)

Thanka a lot for that tip!!

Bloodman (2 years ago)

Nice it's worth paying prime really

BrandonL (2 years ago)

Wow, isnt this the game steamgifts was making a big deal about or something?

hope its good

One of the Developers gave out a bunch of copies over a period of a few months. Pretty cool guy.


(2 years ago)

Oh, I had no idea that was a developer of the game. That's pretty rad.


(2 years ago)

BrianFarnet (2 years ago)

Got it, thanks for the heads-up

DanKnee (2 years ago)

Yap, sanq.

lonerunner (2 years ago)

thanks for info, my account will expire tomorrow so nice timing for new game :)

Janrok (2 years ago)

Thanks for the heads-up.

drabelincoln (2 years ago)

Gotta love IGN Prime Trials...thanks for the heads up

wongi85 (2 years ago)

done. thanks

Hikikomori (2 years ago*)


log in with your ignprime account. Fileplanet is owned by IGN btw.

Alternatively log in to ignprime There's a Giant banner on the top with a picture of Rochard that takes you to that page.

This worked wonders for me.

Ign.com failed and didn't register that I had Prime.

Going to fileplanet.com and signing in and using that link got me the steam key.

I also figured out that this would get me King Arthur by this link:



(2 years ago*)

Unfortunately those links won't work for me. The account management page says my trial is active, but those links say I need a prime account to access the game. Any ideas? Their support aren't very helpful, and it's been 3 days since I made a ticket.


(2 years ago)

create another account for the prime trial


(2 years ago)

Thank you for that link, it worked great for me despite my account being all messed up.

(Explained in other threads, but I got charged despite having turned off auto-renew, account says I'm in the middle of a trial (despite being charged) and on top of this all I can't access the Prime Hub (it acts like I'm not on Prime...))

At least now I get to play Rochard while I wait for IGN Support


(2 years ago)

DarthBaulz (2 years ago)

awesome, thanks for the heads-up

lysergic (2 years ago)

I got it, thanks :3

tachiSensei (2 years ago)

Hell yeah, thanks ~<3

Redino (2 years ago)

No credit card..no games.



(2 years ago)

Third - even if i choose a paypal option, it need a credit card


(2 years ago*)

Fourth - F*cking credit cards --'


(2 years ago)

vegetabol (2 years ago)
  1. Click on the really small "Continue with cancellation" link at the bottom

i feel like an idiot searching for this button

Catweasel (2 years ago)

I get invalid username or password when I try to log in to make a free trial account.



(2 years ago)

same for me.


(2 years ago)

Was doing the same for me, I just had to confirm my email...


(2 years ago)

I keep getting the same and I have already confirmed my email before , at least that's what it says on my account.

Rinarin (Mod)

(2 years ago)

I was getting this as well. I just used another email and made a new account. Not ideal, but if you really want the game...


(2 years ago)

I finally fixed it by requesting a password reset.


(2 years ago)

Pony11 (2 years ago*)

IGN Prime infinite trial FTW

Edit: as usual guys, remember to cancel yout subscription

Here https://s.ign.com/prime-manage

And if you used Paypal cancel also the subscription here https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/customerprofileweb?cmd=_manage-paylist

ohcrap wtf is this? im pretty sure i used paypal last month and i wasnt charged. but thanks for the warning.


(2 years ago)

When you create a trial they put a subscription over your Paypal account. If you cancel your account on IGN they'll not charge you, but cancelling also on Paypal prevent them to made any charge even if you forgot to cancel on IGN.

Nothing to worry but I'm a little paranoid with this subscription things xD


(2 years ago)

thats cool, better safe than sorry. thanks for the info.


(2 years ago)

Thanks for the tip.


(2 years ago)

Amazing..I have the subscription as mentioned above in Paypal..my account in IGN says Current Term Ends: 02/14/2012 and auto renew on...yet I can not log into Prime.


(2 years ago)

Thanks, I had to cancel through Paypal...

This was more trouble then it was worth, they didn't even give me the option to cancel at IGN. The button was not there like last time....


(2 years ago)

JakeNome (2 years ago)

awesome! 3rd free game from ign prime. good stuff

SilentGaia (2 years ago)

I got the email that said I joined Prime, but I can't access the games list. @.@

raincz (2 years ago)

Joined. Subscribed to prime. Got email confirming im a prime member. Try to download game. "You must be an Prime Member to enter this exclusive sweeps" kill me

Cult (2 years ago)

Not letting me do it. It's demanding a credit card this time.

Funny, this is the first time it let me use paypal


(2 years ago)

Every other time it's gone, now paypal is asking me to put a credit card on it. I don't like this.


(2 years ago)

You and me both D:


(2 years ago)

I thought it was doing the same but I just had to click on the paypal icon to accept and agree. Even though it kept saying required on the credit card fields.

Rinarin (Mod)

(2 years ago)

strange, but you need to hae your paypal account vetyfied to do this


(2 years ago)

Ashilyn (2 years ago)

Yeah, I got my trial just fine, even got the "charge" for it and everything, but I keep getting prompted to log in whenever I go to get the code :(

you have to get the code before turning it off


(2 years ago)

no you dont. i had it off when i got Rochard


(2 years ago)

After logging into Prime, it made me log in to Fileplanet before it would let me claim my code. Don't know if that's what is happening to you too.


(2 years ago)

I got this as well the first time I did this - download your games before turning auto-renew off.


(2 years ago)

drabelincoln (2 years ago*)

i think its dead, they must have fixed it so that trials dont get the free crap.

No, they can still get free crap. I think they may have fixed the whole infinite trials thing. Not really THAT surprising since every site ever has been putting up threads like these, I'm sure IGN took notice. A real shame, though :\


(2 years ago)

Still works. Got it just now.


(2 years ago)

NibidXW4 (2 years ago*)

That's strange, my free trial period ends on 06.02.2012 (according to an e-mail they sent me yesterday), but when I log in and click on Prime I get nothing but the ad-window you get when you don't have prime yet. And when I use the direct link http://www.fileplanet.com/betas/rochard/ and log in with my still running IGN Prime account, I get a message that I need to have prime to get the game.

BUT, if I try to get the free Trial again, it says I already am Prime at the moment ("The user xyz already has access to the selected subscription.").

I had canceled the automatic renewal on the first day of the trial period and deleted my credit-card from the account, too, but the trial period should still be on.

I think it's temporarily down.


(2 years ago)

Yeah, could be.


(2 years ago)

I just paid and get the ame thing. I even changed passwords 3 times and wrote tickets....


(2 years ago)

Nice with all these downtimes...


(2 years ago)

I think its because they are fixing the Infinite Trial Problem.


(2 years ago)

Arthor (2 years ago)

Hmmm I joined prime it said welcome to Prime...then kicked me out to HUB...I logged in and it sent me back too HUB. So in other words..It is billing me for Prime since I can not log in to use it or cancel it.

LoL..I decided to try and pay again using Trial..I got this message:

"Sorry, you have already used the one allowed free trial of IGN Prime for this IGN account. Please select a paid package."

yet I have the e-mail: Below is a receipt for your subscription to IGN Prime


(2 years ago*)

PyroDog (2 years ago)

It works! Thanks for sharing!

DavidTheCoolGuy (2 years ago)

WOO! Thanks! <3

emiih (2 years ago)

I can't get IGN Prime suscription because i don't have a credit card in my paypal account :(

TheEgo (2 years ago)

Signed up, can't find how I get Rochard. Hopefully I can find it tomorrow when I try doing everything I can with Prime.


(2 years ago)

Tells me I have to have Prime, but when I click "Get Free Trial" it errors because I already have the free trial. -_-

Oh well, not like I paid for it.


(2 years ago)

You have to choose "Log In (I'm a member)"


(2 years ago)

I have the same error he does. Both on IGN and fileplanet tells me that I'm not a Prime member, when I got the email confirmation that I am a Prime member, and even when i look at my account information on IGN, it says I'm a Prime member.


(2 years ago)




(2 years ago)

Try with another browser, it should solve the problem.


(2 years ago)

Have the same problem, both firefox and chrome give me the same answer. On the Prime Hub it gives me the "Join for Free" promo but when I choose the "7 day free trial", although I´m member already, it gives me the "The user xxx already has access to the selected subscription. "

It also tells me that: " Prime - Quarterly Current Term Ends: 12/31/1969" Although I received an email a couple of days back saying "IGN Prime Loss of Service Date: February 17, 2012 " so it should be valid.


(2 years ago)

same here


(2 years ago)

Tried a couple...


(2 years ago)

That screen seems to check if you are logged to fileplanet instead of ign directly. So if you are logged to fileplanet with an account that does not have prime you will get that message. If you are not logged to fileplanet at all you will get a second login button in that prompt.


(2 years ago*)

No, I logged onto Fileplanet with my IGN account. I'm pretty sure the others did too. On IGN itself, when I click Prime, it shows me the advertisement to sign up for Prime.


(2 years ago)

bs000 (2 years ago)

Heeey, you can get the Bastion soundtrack for free too. Sweeeet.

DoctorWeird (2 years ago)

So you can't get the free trial without giving them information allowing them to raid your paypal, essentially meaning the game is on sale and not free at all?

No, you can cancel the free trial. You just need to put up information.


(2 years ago)

Ah, I see. Got King Arthur, too. And you're sure Gaben's not going to find me and sit on my legs for this?


(2 years ago)

shauntmw (2 years ago)

Thanks! :D
Got mine for free.

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