(Closed) [Puzzle] the Winterpuzzle

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I have the hat, so here is your present...

the winterpuzzle



  • No sharing answers, hints or links. I'll report you and you'll get banned and blacklisted and that is not what you want.
  • RTFF
  • No revealing what game is gifted. Solve or do not solve, I don't care.
  • NO spoilers or commenting the answers here - you can do that on the giveaway page.

Also, public giveaway for those who are not puzzle solvers (not the same game), and somewhat harder winterpuzzle 2!

Prox7 (1 year ago)

Thanks! Good luck to everyone.

SashOK1993ukr (1 year ago)

thanks. nice puzzle)))

bobofatt (Support) (1 year ago)

Solved, thanks NB!

PowerPuffGirl (1 year ago)

dont get the last question T_T

Same problem here :(


(1 year ago)

b521 (1 year ago)

Thanks for the fun puzzle! Wasn't too difficult or too easy :D

JCDenton (1 year ago)

Solved it. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

zhur (1 year ago)

Nice puzzle.

cass1234567890 (1 year ago*)


AceMcCloud (1 year ago)

Thanks! I was stuck on the last question for a while, but got it eventually. The giveaway's open long enough, I don't think you need hints.

Bogysha (1 year ago)

Solved, Hvala! :D

Fikoblin (1 year ago)

Solved. Thanks for puzzle :)

Razzey (1 year ago)

I just don't get it.. any hints?

TheGreenFairy (1 year ago)

Was a nice puzzle, thanks. Q10 got me though and I get easily too rage-y when looking for widely unspecific things, so i'll just give up. Thanks though, it was fun, the book seems interesting.

Bifes (1 year ago)

tks for the puzzle :)

MegaGiga (1 year ago)

Solved! ^^

Had a bit of a trouble on q10, but managed to make it budge :D

BronzePage (1 year ago)

I don't get it. What is this about? Be more specific. I read something about a fantasy author? Where? LINKS PL0X!


(1 year ago)

What do you want me to Google? The winterpuzzle?!?


(1 year ago)

read the questions


(1 year ago)

I did, in fact, read the questions. Multiple times. They are very generic and I would never know them.


(1 year ago)

you could, in fact, look it up literally


(1 year ago*)

and you could stop giving hints!


(1 year ago)

Daazor53 (1 year ago)

Well, I'm having trouble with just the last question. Are you sure you spelled the solution alright? I've tried all the possible combinations I could think of.

I'm with him! ^^^


(1 year ago)

Me to =/


(1 year ago)

I thought it'd be easy having read the first book, but the hopelessness feeling is increasing. Heh.


(1 year ago)

Damn. Finally got it =p


(1 year ago)

Well, he did "seams" and "ademi" (should be adem from what I realize) so it's possible :P


(1 year ago)

Nah, I typed the questions, but answers are c/p so no mistake there.


(1 year ago)

I'm not sleeping until I get nÂș10.


(1 year ago)

Yay. Got it.

Good night everyone.


(1 year ago)

wwfarch (1 year ago)

Having read the first book this wasn't too difficult for me but it served as a reminder that I need to read the second book still. I successfully solved all the questions but I do feel that Q10 should be made a bit clearer as to who its talking about at least. That being said there's more than enough time overall that hints really shouldn't be necessary for this quiz either.

kangarooster (1 year ago)

Are questions only from the first, or from the second, too?

I would answer this but the rules state it's supposed to be completed solo so sorry about that =/


(1 year ago)

zelghadis (1 year ago)

well I read polish version so will have to make some research, but good book ;)

Nfreak (1 year ago)

Bumpy bumpy, nice puzzle =)

NastyHero (1 year ago)

Well, thanks, seems I spoiled this book to myself while solving this puzzle :P

ahoym8 (1 year ago)


Nuyasan (1 year ago)

Solved! Last one is tricky though. Tried a lot of things until I found the solution.

HopefulZombie (1 year ago)

Great puzzle. Enjoyed solving it!

Botev1912 (1 year ago)

Bump for solved :P

TheMiMicKitteH (1 year ago*)

Damn.. #10 is damn hard xD and the worst part is... i doubt i can go to sleep before getting it right and it's 10:15 pm here XD i'm sooo close now xD

EDIT Does it matter if it are captials or not? :/

on itstoohard.com capitalization doesn't matter


(1 year ago)

oh ok ^^ thanks


(1 year ago)

Cymbaline (1 year ago)

Solved. Thanks for the puzzle :)

chronicdiscord (1 year ago)

Yeah, I basically said, "screw this," after trying every nickname the main character has.

yup exactly


(1 year ago)

Ogisha (1 year ago)

Got it, nice puzzle.

xaros16 (1 year ago)

Took some time, but it was fun.

frozened (1 year ago)

Happily solving and then Question #10 shows up. :(

TheDopefish (1 year ago*)

Nice puzzle, but now I'm stuck on Q10

Edit: solved =)

SuddleD (1 year ago)

Somehow finished the puzzle with no knowledge of the books, thanks for the giveaways!

weird how internet works


(1 year ago)

NB264 (1 year ago)

I was thinking of including joker answer, but decided against it since there's so much time to solve this one...

kwagmire (1 year ago)

Solved, q10 took a while but got there in the end, nice puzzle

hiryuuX31 (1 year ago)

got it all but the last one :( hmmmmmmmm

Parrafin (1 year ago)

Thanks, seems there are a lot of nicknames,found a list and had to bruteforce Q.10. Think I will read these books when the 3rd one is announced, fed up of waiting for unreleased books in the middle of a series.

Haborym562 (1 year ago)

Like most everyone else I had trouble with Q10, but I eventually did figure it out. Definitely not impossible. Thanks for the giveaways.

cams02 (1 year ago)

Solved. Thanks for the winterpuzzle.

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