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chuckie001 (2 years ago)

My lips have never sunk anything, and they don't intend to! :-p

MalekTaktak (2 years ago)

Thanks for the giveaway brother!

Wormy (2 years ago)

Thanks, fantastic game!

Scooper (2 years ago)

Hello ^^, again, thanks for the puzzles

mbdx (2 years ago)

Danke! :)

That's very inconspicuous. :-)


(2 years ago)

BBarkley (2 years ago)

Phew! That was easier than I expected, thanks!

kingarthur (2 years ago)

Thanks again. Surprised not as many people got here from the first one.

BrutoDetestsSB (2 years ago)

Solved. Thanks again.

chour (2 years ago)

Long live the Queen!

And thanks for the!


(2 years ago)

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