Congratulations to the below winner! For security, winners remain anonymous until their gift is received.
Razzey (1 year ago)


RaoXy (1 year ago)


O3Hundred (1 year ago)


MrCastiglia (1 year ago)

Many thanks! :D

Razuto22 (1 year ago)

thank you!

fixer501 (1 year ago)

nice thanks man!

stargaterules (1 year ago)

very nice giveaway

Zelos (1 year ago)


arnab21 (1 year ago)

Thank you :D

Abaction (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot!

Subspace (1 year ago)

thank you!

WSS (1 year ago)

Already own, thanks :)

TheDopefish (1 year ago)

thanks =)

fecaflop (1 year ago)

thanks! I honestly don't know what I'll build if I win.

numberoftheword (1 year ago)

Thanks man!

behlulkandil (1 year ago)

thx, I will build a lot of things ;)

skd3 (1 year ago)

I want to build the SDF1 if that is even possible. If not I will probably just build K.I.T.T. the original and not the remake. Anyways thanks a bunch.

SilenR (1 year ago)

Hmm.. I dont know either what Im gonna build first, but I might just ask you to reroll if I win.

SoapNukeZ (1 year ago)


lolfarts (1 year ago*)

I've always wanted this, but don't know what I'll build. I guess I'll join some games and take a look at what others have done for inspiration?

Thanks for this!

Caerbannog (1 year ago)

A Heath Robinson (Rube Goldberg) weapon of war.

badtemper (1 year ago)

Thanks Daniel, I think I would build something like a catapult.

Argyle31 (1 year ago)


Nonos (1 year ago*)

Thank you danielpeach!

Merci !

The first thing I plan to build is... mmmh... a giant turtle!

MegaGiga (1 year ago)

Thanks :)

Pandryl (1 year ago)


q00u (1 year ago)

My brother has been trying to get me to play this since forever. Something about elevators? I have no idea, haha.

Chimperilur (1 year ago)


RagersReplacement (1 year ago)


annelions (1 year ago)

A rocket ship looks like it'd be a fun thing to build. :D

HunterSilver (1 year ago)

much appreciated

jatan11t (1 year ago)

yay thank you!

b521 (1 year ago*)

thank you :D and hmmm a flying car

cxiong93 (1 year ago)

thanks, me likey sandbox

notnsane (1 year ago)

I'll probably build a track to crash people.

nerka99 (1 year ago)

what will i build... hmmm no idea, prolly something with g man dying horribly :P

wiLLie22 (1 year ago)


Lalee88 (1 year ago*)

Thanks, man. I would build HL3. :D

Mostlyghostly (1 year ago)

Thanks a lot, Garry's mod is one of the best games on steam.

vyruz22 (1 year ago)

i would build a calender for valve to remember how long its been since hf2

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