Please review the following guidelines and keep them in mind when participating in the community.


  • Use the appropriate avenues for support. If you have an issue with another user, submit a ticket with a user report, rather than calling them out within the community or on the forum.
  • Users are limited to one account per person, and accounts should not be shared.
  • When posting content, it should respect the privacy and rights of others.
  • Piracy, pornography, and other material that may be inappropriate to a general audience should not be posted to the site. If you're posting anything that may be considered NSFW (not safe for work), please prefix any links or images with a NSFW tag to warn others.
  • Do not beg users or developers for keys or gifts, whether in comments, or chat.
  • Referral links are not allowed in the community, and if you choose to post a link, please be sure all referral codes have been removed (http://www.example.com?ref=12345 to http://www.example.com).
  • When posting links or content, that content should not force users, encourage users through reward, or primarily exist as a traffic source for users to perform an action for promotional, commercial, or monetary benefit. Such actions include but are not limited to clicking a referral link, liking a Facebook page, following a Twitter account, joining a Steam group, completing a survey, or making a donation. (Please note, in giveaway descriptions we do allow users and developers to link to their related Steam Greenlight, group, and store pages, as well as their social media channels. Users are also able to reference their group giveaways when posting in the Group Recruitment category of our forum.)
  • Avoid using link shorteners, as they obscure the destination of the link, making it difficult for users to know what they're clicking.
  • User avatars should be appropriate for all ages. If you have a NSFW Steam avatar, please change it prior to using the site.
  • Do not ask users for payments or donations for any reason. Fees to gain access to gifting groups, or attempts to raise money for lotteries or giveaways is not allowed.
  • Use spoiler tags appropriately, and when referring to potential spoilers in games or other media released in recent years.
  • Trades should not be posted or organized on the site.



  • All giveaways should be for Steam redeemable gifts or Steam redeemable keys.
  • Beta keys, guest passes, and coupons should not be given away.
  • Region restricted gifts and keys are allowed for a select number of regions. If you have a gift or key for another region, it should not be posted at this time.
  • Giveaways should accurately reflect the game being given away. If the game is not available in the giveaway list, please contact support to have the game added, instead of posting the giveaway under an incorrect name.
  • Gifts should be sent to the winners within one week of the giveaway closing.
  • You cannot ask users to perform any special action in order for their entry to be considered valid, such as liking a Facebook page, or following a Twitter account.


  • Only enter to win games you do not already own, and do not enter to win DLC if you're missing the required base game.
  • Try to refrain from entering giveaways for packs if you already own the majority of the games contained within. The giveaway creator may request a new winner if you own a high percentage of the packaged games.
  • Respect the privacy of invite only giveaways, and if you're invited to a private giveaway, do not share the link with other users unless given permission by the giveaway creator.
  • If you're taking part in a puzzle, do not leak or hint towards any information that should remain private, such as the game being given away, or the URL of the giveaway.
  • We encourage users to write comments thanking the giveaway creator for their generosity, although this is not required.
  • Scripts should not be used to automatically enter into giveaways. This includes scripts that enter multiple giveaways at once, or scripts that enter giveaways while you are away.


  • Won gifts should be activated to the Steam account used during registration, and they should not be regifted, traded, or sold.
  • Allow the giveaway creator one week to send the gift. Please be patient and do not contact them during this time. If the gift is not received after one week, you may contact the giveaway creator on Steam to follow-up.
  • Winners should correctly mark their gift as received or not received within one week of the giveaway closing. This feedback should be kept up-to-date if the status of the gift changes.


  • All questions and concerns should be directed through the support system on the site, and we ask users not to add support members on Steam for help.
  • Due to the large number of support tickets and reports we receive, we encourage users to be patient when waiting for help. It's not necessary to bump tickets, and if your ticket is pending, it's in the queue to be reviewed by a support member.


  • The chat room should not be used for trading.
  • If posting spoilers in chat, include a spoiler warning before and after your message to warn users.
  • Follow the community guidelines, and do not post referrals, spam, inappropriate material, or ask users for gifts within the chat.
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