• Users are limited to one account per person, and accounts cannot be shared.
  • Avatars need to be appropriate for all ages. If you have a NSFW Steam avatar, please change it prior to using the site.
  • If you notice a user not following our guidelines, do your best to politely explain our rules with relevant links or quotes to our guidelines when appropriate. If they do not take action or deny any wrongdoing, please submit a user report ticket so we can take action if necessary.
  • To remain respectful to giveaway creators, do not write comments that question the legitimacy of their giveaways. For example, it would be inappropriate to comment that a giveaway is "fake" when you notice a new user has created a giveaway for a highly desirable game.



  • All giveaways must be for Steam redeemable gifts or Steam redeemable keys.
  • Beta keys which do not provide unrestricted access to the full game in the future, guest passes, demos, and coupons cannot be given away.
  • Giveaways need to accurately reflect the game being given away. If the game is not available in the giveaway list, please contact support to have the game added, instead of posting the giveaway under an incorrect name.
  • When a giveaway has ended, the gift is required to be sent to the winner within one week.


  • Only enter to win games you do not already own, and do not enter to win DLC if you are missing the required base game.
  • Try to refrain from entering giveaways for packages if you already own the majority of the games contained within. The giveaway creator may request a new winner if they believe you own too many of the packaged games.
  • Respect the privacy of invite only giveaways and do not share the link with other users unless given permission by the giveaway creator. Entering an invite only giveaway through a leak from a third party may invalidate your entry.
  • If you are taking part in a puzzle, do not disclose or hint towards any information that should remain private, such as the game being given away, how the puzzle may be solved, or the URL of the giveaway.
  • We encourage users to write comments thanking the giveaway creator for their generosity, although this is not required.
  • Scripts are not allowed to be used to automatically enter into giveaways. This includes scripts that enter multiple giveaways at once, or scripts that enter giveaways while you are away.
  • An entry will be considered invalid if you enter a group restricted giveaway and the giveaway creator is able to prove you were removed from the corresponding Steam group prior to the giveaway ending.
  • Exploiting a vulnerability or bug to access a restricted giveaway may result in your entry being invalidated. For example, if a user creates a puzzle giveaway using a third-party service and they are able to demonstrate you extracted the giveaway link through a security vulnerability in their code rather than solving the puzzle.
  • If your account is suspended your giveaway entries are not eligible to be selected as a winner until the duration of your suspension has completed.


  • Won gifts must be activated on the Steam account used during registration, and they cannot be regifted, traded, sold, or removed from your Steam account after activation.
  • Allow the giveaway creator one week to send the gift. Please be patient and do not contact them during this time. If the gift is not received after one week, you may contact the giveaway creator on Steam to follow-up.
  • Winners will need to correctly mark their gift as received or not received within one week of the gift being marked as sent by the giveaway creator. It is also necessary to keep this feedback up-to-date if the status of the gift changes.
  • If you are selected as the winner of a giveaway and then your account is suspended, the giveaway creator has the option to request a new winner.

User Content

The below is a list of content that is not allowed in our community. Content consists of any material you post or make available through our site, such as discussions, links, comments, usernames, or Steam avatars.

  1. Illegal content. For example, sharing links to pirated content, or to services that assist in illegal activity, such as torrent websites.

  2. Inappropriate content. If you are posting content that may be considered NSFW (not safe for work), prefix any links or images with a NSFW tag to warn others. Do not post pornography, or explicit content, such as real life images depicting severe injury, gore, or death.

  3. Unsafe content. Products or services that are not credible or potentially dangerous, such as those that could lead to a user's Steam account being compromised, or their financial information stolen. Please do your due diligence prior to posting content or links, and if we have concerns about the safety of a product or service, we will try to remove it from our site or close the offending discussion.

  4. Personal attacks or hate speech. Threats, harassment, and slurs (e.g. insults towards a user's race, sexual orientation, or gender) are not allowed.

  5. Referral links. If you choose to post a link, please be sure all referral codes have been removed. For example, by changing to Also, do not attempt to circumvent this rule by adding referral links through intermediary processes as users try to reach their intended destination.

  6. Spam. Do not repeatedly post content to increase visibility. This also includes creating multiple discussions for content that could be more appropriately consolidated into a single discussion.

  7. Private or identifying information. Users in the community have a right to privacy. Do not post their private or identifying information without their consent. For example, their name, address, phone number, photos, or private messages.

  8. URL shortening. When posting links, make sure you are not using URL shorteners as they obscure the destination of links and make it difficult for users to know what they are clicking.

  9. Inappropriate use of comment formatting. The intended use of comment formatting is to improve the readability of your posts. An inappropriate use of formatting would be writing all of your content with headings, or using all caps for your comments.

  10. Untagged spoilers. Refer to our instructions on comment formatting for learning how to add spoilers to your content. A spoiler is content that reveals important plot elements of games, movies, tv series, or other types of fiction released in recent years.

  11. Unreasonable bumping. When bumping a discussion you should try to ensure it is in the best interest of the community. If you notice our community is not engaging with the content after it has been bumped a couple of times, then you need to stop bumping the discussion unless important new information or updates would make it appropriate to do so.

  12. Begging. Do not ask game developers or users for keys or games, unless they are offering and searching for interested parties.

  13. Trading. This site is not for trading, so do not attempt to directly trade games or other items with users in our community. If you attempt to indirectly trade or express a willingness to trade with an unusually high frequency, it will also be viewed as trading.

  14. Reselling keys and links to reseller stores. Do not use our site to resell keys, and do not post offers from stores which allow third parties to resell their keys or gifts. For example, do not ask others if they are interested in buying your leftover keys from a recent bundle purchase, or link to keys for sale on sites such as Kinguin, G2A, or Eneba.

  15. Collecting money, items, or games for giveaways, lotteries, or group access. For example, asking users to donate a few dollars, with the promise of giving away a valuable game once adequate funds have been raised. Or, asking users to personally send you games and items for an event. Or, requiring users to send you annual fees to participate in your Steam group.

  16. Third party giveaways that require or reward users for performing profitable actions. For example, linking to a giveaway on another service that requires or incentivizes users to click a referral link, like a Facebook page, follow a Twitter account, join a Steam group, complete a survey, sign-up for a newsletter, or make a donation.

  17. Gambling. Do not post content or links to gambling related sites, such as those to bet on the outcome of gaming matches, or those that collect money or items for a chance to win a prize.

  18. Whitelist solicitation. Do not ask or hint for other users to whitelist you, unless they are explicitly asking or searching for such users and you fulfill their requirements.

  19. Terrorism. Supporting terrorist groups, terrorist acts, or celebrating attacks by terrorist organizations.

  20. Military conflicts. Military conflicts that are causing a hostile and divisive environment throughout our community at a scale that makes other methods of moderation ineffective or infeasible. At the moment we will be closing discussions and potentially removing comments pertaining to...

    • Israel-Hamas war
    • Russia-Ukraine war


Advertising is when you are promoting products or services you are associated with, or when you are posting content that is paid or sponsored. Directly naming or linking to an associated product or service will always be viewed as advertising. General references (e.g. referring to your "website", "YouTube channel", or "Steam group") may also be viewed as advertising when we believe their purpose is to bring attention to an associated product or service for publicity or sales. Below is a breakdown of when advertising is allowed in our community. Remember, the above rules regarding user content still apply. For example, we might allow you to advertise in giveaway descriptions, but that does not permit you to post referral links or link to your website with illegal content.


When creating a giveaway you are able to write a description. In this space you are welcome to advertise your products or services, including social media channels (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter), games, groups, curators, or other giveaways.


Our forum allows you to create discussions for engaging in conversation with our community. In these discussions you are able to promote your SteamGifts giveaways, but only when there is a greater reason for the discussion, such as including the giveaways in part of an event, puzzle, cake day, or milestone. For category specific advertising, please refer to the below.

  1. Add-ons / Tools

    • If you are the creator of an add-on, extension, script, or tool for either Steam or SteamGifts, you can promote it here along with relevant products or services (e.g. a Twitter account where users can follow updates for your add-on).
  2. Game Showcase

    • You are invited to share your Steam game in this category when you are a game developer. You can show us your work-in-progress, let us know when your game launches on Steam, or poll our community for feedback. We encourage you to provide additional information about the game, such as a description, what you are trying to achieve, why we may find it interesting, or how your game differs from others in the same genre. You are limited to one open discussion per game. Be considerate to not repeatedly bump your content if the community is not engaging with your post.
  3. Group Recruitment

    • In this category you are allowed to promote your Steam group, corresponding group giveaways and events, and relevant products or services (e.g. a website with group information or statistics). One of the primary aspects of your group needs to be SteamGifts or gifting using our platform.
  4. User Projects

    • In this category you can show us projects you are working on. For example you could share a website you are developing, a YouTube channel you recently launched, or home renovations for your gaming / theater room. Projects do not need to be gaming related. You are limited to one open discussion per project. Each discussion should have work-in-progress or a finished product or service to show our community. Be considerate to not repeatedly bump your content if the community is not engaging with your post.


This refers to comments throughout our site, such as those contained within giveaways or discussions. You are able to advertise in your comments, but only when it is both relevant and valuable to the conversation. For example, if a user is searching for a giveaway group only available to users that have not yet won a game, and you are the owner of such a group, it would be appropriate to post a link to your Steam group. Or, if a user is searching for new strategy games, and you have a Steam curator page highlighting your recommendations from that genre, you could share a link since it would be helpful to those reading.


  • All questions and concerns must be directed through the support system on our site, and we ask users not to add support members on Steam for help.
  • Due to the large number of support tickets and reports we receive, we encourage users to be patient when waiting for help. It is not necessary to bump tickets, and if your ticket is pending, it is in the queue to be reviewed by a support member.


  • The chat room is not to be used for trading.
  • Use the Steam /spoiler command when posting spoilers in the chat.
  • Follow the community guidelines, and do not post referrals, spam, inappropriate material, or ask users for gifts within the chat.
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