(Closed) Need Dota 2 Invite

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Hello guys,

I don't know if I'm allowed to ask for Games here but I though I would give it a shot.

Currently I have 2 friends that I want to play dota 2 and I was wondering if anyone has any spare invites.

Yes they have entered multiple giveaways but no luck so far.

Thank you and have a good day.

d3ck (2 years ago*)





Here several private giveaway by me, still 0 entries

Thank you, dunno how many points they have but I will tell them.


(2 years ago)

Mir (2 years ago)


Panic (2 years ago)

i have one, will give to you for 640,000p

simonli2575 (2 years ago)

No begging, please

RichterLocke (2 years ago)

Please read the damn FAQ. No begging of any sort.

Detruire (2 years ago)

"Need"? Yeah right.

Curse you being a minute faster than me at posting that.


(2 years ago)

My life depends on it.


(2 years ago)

the707guy (2 years ago)


Are still on the pointless hunt for a high post count? Seriously, what could this one unrelated word possibly contribute to anything, especially in a thread that shouldn't even exist.


(2 years ago)

It means im giving him a Fake DOTA 2 invite.


(2 years ago)

That was honestly the longest sentence I have ever seen you post. :)


(2 years ago)

nope read the description.


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(2 years ago)

Actually that's a run-on sentence. Doesn't actually count.


(2 years ago)

I think this is going to be my longest sentence i ever typed on here. Now that's a sentence.


(2 years ago*)

Just to be clear, I don't bear you any particular ill will, but I have sometimes jokingly wondered if your ISP charges by the keystroke.

wbarton (Support)

(2 years ago)

LOL'd hard.

thejadefalcon (Support)

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vinceis1337 (2 years ago)

You're risking getting banned for this. I would remove this thread if you have the power to.

Can't remove it, only edit or close it.


(2 years ago)

Editing to remove the content and closing it would be a good idea though.


(2 years ago)

I agree.


(2 years ago)

That too.
Derp, stupid me. Forgot about that.


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Andy2T (2 years ago)



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(2 years ago)

TheNozzle is a good [Friend]


(2 years ago)

darfens (2 years ago*)

Pls Dota 2 Key PW On Steam Account

xarabas (2 years ago*)

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lokonopa (2 years ago)

Begging will result in your suspension. If you beg again in this community, you will be banned. Do not beg.

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