Indie Tavern Bundle

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05 Feb 2020 - 26 Feb 2020

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$2.49 for limited time

Game Ratings Cards Cheevos Details Platforms Bundled Retail Price
TAVERN GUARDIANS: BANQUET 70% of 37 - πŸ† 0.90 CV βš™οΈ app/878350 W 0 $5.99
Domino Sky 84% of 236 ❀ πŸ† 0.60 CV app/457480 W M 0 $3.99
More dark 100% of 10 - πŸ† 0.30 CV app/1167770 W 0 $1.99
Chop is dish 73% of 26 - πŸ† 0.30 CV app/974370 W 0 $1.99
Dead Dust 80% of 25 - πŸ† 0.30 CV app/816990 W 5 $1.99
Lord of the click 44% of 47 - πŸ† 0.30 CV app/1044170 W 0 $1.99
Intake 96% of 92 ❀ πŸ† 1.50 CV app/237760 W M 4 $9.99
Ghost In The Barn House 0% of 1 - πŸ† 0.15 CV app/1219220 W L 0 $0.99

βš™οΈ - Steam is learning about this game, therefore some features will be limited (no card drops, achievements won't count, the game will not give a +1 to your library etc.) More Changes Addressing Fake Games


  • $28.92


  • 4.34

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2 weeks ago*

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Does it get More Dark than this?

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[Buy] I am in need of a fresh Intake of unbundled games.
[GroupBuy] Come of friends, let's feast together on some new games.
[Have] Who's the Lord of the Purchases? Me, therefore I own them already.
[Skip] Far away from this I go, chop chop!

very reminiscent of a DIG bundle to be honest

2 weeks ago

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Intake is pretty good

2 weeks ago

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