If you're trying to take control of your backlog, you've come to the right place. The Backlog Assassins Extraordinaire website can provide you with the tools that you need to successfully assassinate your backlog in an organised manner. While the website helps you track your progress and break your backlog down to smaller chunks by creating custom lists, the BLAEO community is there to provide advice and support if you need it. We also run various events (monthly themes, challenges,...) that can help your choose the next games to play.

Joining the website

To join the website simply post a reply to this thread.

You can post in the Steam group discussions without being a member of the group. You can also stay up to date with the announcements without being a member of the group -- simply subscribe to this thread and you'll be notified when a new announcement is posted. You can also subscribe to the Website Changelog to be kept up to date on changes made to the website.

Joining the Steam group

Once you've been active on the BLAEO website for a while, you can request to join the Steam group by clicking the request button on the Steam group page AND posting a link to your BLAEO profile in this thread. Make sure to do both of these steps, otherwise your request to join the group won't be approved. Please do not add group admins/mods or post on their Steam profiles to get invited to the website or the Steam group!

Useful links:


  • Be nice.
  • When posting content, it should respect the privacy and rights of others.
  • Piracy, pornography, and other material that may be inappropriate to a general audience should not be posted to the site.
  • While the site gives you a lot of freedom for writing posts, do not abuse that. Try to keep your posts readable. Also, if your post has too many large screenshots, try embedding only one of them and linking the others, or reducing their size, or use HTML to come up with a creative way to alternate between them.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not double post.
  • Do not beg users for gifts or ask for any kind of donations.
  • External links are fine as long as they do not contain referrals. If you want to promote your own website or any kind of project, you can include it in one of your regular posts only once (see guideline number 5). You can have the link displayed on your profile, but don't try to circumvent this particular guideline by repeatedly telling people to look at your profile to check out your website/project.
  • Do not enter group-exclusive giveaways if you have not been active lately. If you do, you will be kicked out of the group.
  • Once you apply for Steam group membership do not keep asking for updates on your application.


I just joined, and the site isn't showing achievements for my games. Help?
The site starts compiling everything starting with your first login, so if you just used it for the first time, just wait a bit (usually minutes, but if your library is large or it's a busy day, it could be hours). Same with new achievements and game additions, just give it some time.

How do I post on the site?
Read the guides posted above.

How do I join the website?
Post a comment in this thread. If everything looks fine, you'll be invited to the website.

How do I get into the Steam group?
Steam changed how groups manage new members and we can no longer invite people we aren't already friends with. So after you're added to the website and have been using it for a while, request an invite to the Steam group AND post a link to your BLAEO profile in this thread. We'll review your request and accept it if you have indeed been active on the site (keep in mind that it might be several weeks until you get an invite).
PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST TO JOIN THE GROUP WITHOUT HAVING BEEN ADDED TO THE WEBSITE! Request to be added to the website in this thread first!

I applied in this post and didn't get invited to the Steam group.
See above.

Why was my request to join the group denied/ignored?
You might not be active enough in the site. We only invite users to the group after some period of activity on the website, which is analysed on a case-by-case basis. There is no pre-defined formula for activity; it depends on the extent and frequency of the activity. For some users it can be a month and for others it can be longer. To be considered as active you must update your profile regularly, and if you are involved in the community (by creating posts/commenting and/or participating in events) that is definitely a plus.

I left the Steam group. Does that affect site usage in any way?
No, but please let us know about it, especially if you don't want to get invited back into the Steam group, so we can make a note of it.

What are monthly themes? Do I have to participate in them?
Monthly themes are suggestions for users who are unsure about what to play next. You do not have to participate if you don't feel like it or if you don't own any games that fit the theme.

What is the monthly "Challenge Me!" event? Do I have to participate?
The monthly "Challenge Me!" event is an event designed to help you reduce your backlog. You can participate either by 1) asking to have games picked for you by a (random) member of the BLAEO community, or 2) picking games for fellow assassins. As with monthly themes, participation is not mandatory.

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Hey, I'd like to join, thanks! :)

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Added to the site, welcome! :)

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Hello, I'd like to join the website. Thank you.

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Hey, i'm interested ! I recently found this to see what quick games i could achieve https://howlongtobeat.com/steam -sorted by time shortest), but if you have better tools, that would be good !

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