Sci-fi Bundle

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01 Jan 2021 - 30 Jan 2021

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Tier 1 2.59 2.55 2.29 3.35 3.79 229 295
in USD* $2.59 $3.13 $3.13 $2.63 $2.93 $3.07 $2.86

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2.59 USD | 2.55 EUR | 2.29 GBP | 3.35 CAD | 3.79 AUD | 229 RUB | 295 JPY

Game Ratings Cards Cheevos Details Platforms Bundled Retail Price
Starward Rogue 92% of 249 🏆 1.80 CV app/410820 W M L 2 $11.99
Redirection 97% of 89 🏆 0.60 CV app/305760 W M L 1 $3.99
The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day 79% of 1236 🏆 0.00 CV ☠ app/406970 W M 8 $14.99
JYDGE 87% of 325 🏆 2.25 CV app/654050 W M L 4 $14.99
Voidship: The Long Journey 72% of 73 - 🏆 1.65 CV app/906740 W 0 $10.99
Phoning Home 69% of 696 🏆 1.50 CV app/431650 W 1 $9.99
ROOT 75% of 134 🏆 1.50 CV app/393610 W M L 0 $9.99

☠ - Game was free at some time and does not grant any CV if given away.


  • $76.93


  • 9.29

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2 weeks ago*

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How Uncertain are you about buying it?

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[Buy] I'm ROOTing for this bundle.
[Have] It's been a Long Journey, but I did manage to acquire these games eventually.
[Skip] My money and interests will be Redirected towards other bundles.

One on wl, 3 not owned... Could be worse... Might pick it up...

2 weeks ago

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A little warning for The Uncertain. It's not a complete story and that's basically the most imprtant part of the game. Actual gameplay is very basic and can feel tacked on. For a complete (I think) expereince you'll need to look at getting the sequel. Haven't played the sequel but it's not had great reviews. Might still pick it up at some point.

Basically if you decision is based on that game, first check out; The Uncertain: Light At The End (may be SPOILERS for first game)

2 weeks ago*

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most people have that one already in fact that is the only game i couldn't find a trade for on barter in the whole year

2 weeks ago

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shitty bundle

2 weeks ago

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2 owned already, rest also seems interesting. Pretty nice.
Altough it's quite peculiar that Fanatical's SF-themed bundle was released about a week after Humble's SF-themed bundle...

2 weeks ago*

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