Let me say first, no name changing or actually joining is required, we would just like to have a group where people can come to play various games together and have fun doing it while avoiding a lot of the raging that tends to happen in a lot of groups, I just felt I would post it here in case anyone around here is looking for something like that to play some of their favorite steam games with a bunch of friendly gamers just like them..

We are Vetri Gaming, a fairly new community, looking for some amazing people like you to join our discord and chat and play games with other friendly and mature players.

Our goal is to provide a friendly and relaxing community, where you can come to enjoy playing with others in some of your favorite games while also having a community to talk and socialize with while playing.

Founded by three friends looking to get away from all the nonsense of other communities, we want to see a community exist where there is minlmal raging /yelling/ screaming, but teamwork and good fun for all.

Our main games are PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds and Rocket League but we encourage many other games as well such as Paladins,CSGO,GTA V,Rust, Arma 3 and ARK Survival Evolved with more to likely be added.

We plan to have a site and eventually maybe streams and tournament and soon we will also hold giveaways, just to give back to the community and give them something new to play and show our appreciation for them.

Our only rules are to be respectful to others and to be mature, joking is allowed but please do not take it so far as to start fights or heated arguments.

We currently have a discord, which is currently brand new but we hope amazing people like you will populate it and make it a very social and engaging place to be.

Discord https://discord.gg/x25ZAQr
Steam Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/VetriGaming

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your interest in our community..

3 years ago

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