DIG Weekly Bundle 12 - ENCORE

1 Tier, 9 games

19 Mar 2019 - 22 Apr 2019

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Game Ratings Cards Cheevos Details Platforms Bundled Retail Price
Blood Drift 91% of 11 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    W 1 $0.99
Skywriter 60% of 5 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    ⚙️ W 1 $3.99
Visceral Cubes 80% of 15 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    W M L 2 $1.99
Deadly Escape 78% of 41 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    W M L 3 $1.99
Lab.Gen. 83% of 6 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    ⚙️ W 1 $1.99
JumpBall 2 75% of 4 reviews - -    Giveaways    W 2 $1.99
Tupã 100% of 6 reviews - -    Giveaways    W 2 $1.99
The Sky Climber 100% of 9 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    ⚙️ W M L 1 $1.99
Endless Horde 66% of 99 reviews 🏆    Giveaways    W M L 2 $0.99

⚙️ - Steam is learning about this game, therefore some features will be limited (no card drops, achievements won't count, the game will not give a +1 to your library etc.) More Changes Addressing Fake Games


  • $17.91


  • 2.69

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1 month ago*

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According to your expectations, did it take shorter or longer for them to start rebundling the games featured in their previous bundles?

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[Buy] For me, this is a better selection than what we had until now from DIG.
[Have] Endless Horde of repeats.
[Skip] I didn't buy them back then, I won't buy them now.
[Potato] Encore Philosoraptor - is it because they initially bought too many keys? Or is it because too few people buy these bundles?

Wow! I didn't think the quality of DIG bundles could get lower but obviously i'm wrong. To top it off, its all repeats so unsurprisingly, its a no from me.

1 month ago

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To note, it's an Encore bundle as mentioned on the website, so repeats from the past would appear inevitable.

1 month ago

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Don't even need to look to know it's chock full of trash.

1 month ago

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