Frozenbyte Bundle

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19 Sep 2020 - 03 Oct 2020 (as part of the BundleFest (Sep) 2020)

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19.99 USD | 20.29 EUR | 18.29 GBP | 26.45 CAD | 30.69 AUD | 1765 RUB | 2339 JPY, -81%

Corresponds to Frozenbyte Collection 2019 (Steam Bundle) without Trine 4 (might be cheaper to get this pack during sales rather than the Fanatical deal)

Game Ratings Cards Cheevos Details Platforms Bundled Retail Price
Shadwen 76% of 782 ❀ πŸ† 2.55 CV app/425210 W M L 5 $16.99
Trine 95% of 9240 ❀ πŸ† 2.25 CV app/35700 W M L 4 $14.99
Trine 2 95% of 12819 ❀ πŸ† 3.00 CV app/35720 W M L 3 $19.99
Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power 66% of 5214 ❀ πŸ† 3.30 CV app/319910 W M L 1 $21.99
Shadowgrounds 79% of 1008 ❀ - 1.05 CV app/2500 W M 7 $6.99
Shadowgrounds: Survivor 57% of 461 ❀ - 1.50 CV app/11200 W M 6 $9.99
Nine Parchments 76% of 2151 ❀ πŸ† 3.00 CV app/471550 W 0 $19.99


  • $110.93


  • 16.64

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1 month ago*

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Is $20 worth for these games?

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[Buy] I am pretty new to bundles, I think this is a good deal considering that I don't have the games.
[Have] I could get the ones I don't own for less money during Steam sales. Or I'll just wait for them to get rebundled.
[Skip] My heart literally Froze when I saw the price...
[Potato 1] Looks like half a Choice Bundle for pretty much twice the money?
[Poato 2] Throw in a Trine 4 and we could talk about a purchase...

Way too expensive

1 month ago

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Ah, managed to check what things were discounted to up until a couple days ago on Steam using Wayback.
Frozenbyte Collection 2019 was $26.22 at 81% off.
Trineverse BUNDLE was $22.55 at 79% off.
This is basically those, but without Trine 4, which has an individual historical low of $8.99 from earlier this year in June.
So, I guess it's not a bad price, but it definitely could have been better.
Now, if it did have Trine 4 in it? I'd be all over that. Might even buy it if it was $25.

1 month ago*

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