Whenever I see a puzzle, first think that strikes my mind that it's too hard and another one I'm gonna miss but Saints Row 4

is a game which is keeping me going since Breaking Bad is about to be over, The Newsroom ended in a mushy cliffhanger&DexteR

is also going to be over this week. I wonder what I will do after all of my favorite tv series gets over. WW of Breaking Bad

is keeping me hooked to AMC until the new season of The Walking Dead starts.I was uber happy to know that Michael Sheen & L

izzy Caplan starring Masters of Sex got released for early viewing.I am waiting for Avengers TV Series Premiere.At present 8

tv series are being following by me. Many people might get offended that too much sex is being shown on tv, but imho, Sex

is part of our daily life. If we can accept conversation, fighting, romance, adventure, action in our tv then why not sex? I

am not bothered whether a series has a lot of sex scenes or not. Imho, Six Feet Under has the all time best Series Finale

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I agree that the Six Feet Under finale is utterly wonderful.

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