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3 days ago

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Hey man

first of, cheers for this giveaway and awesome to win it. However apparently i can't activate it, due to it saying i already have this product installed.

This is despite i've actually every bought it or anything, all though i do have the Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall DLC, so not sure if they are somehow linked.

Since i can't activate it, i'm already giving you permission to reroll for a new winner who can use it.

Not sure if i should mark the key as received or not received in this manner, so i'll wait until further info and another winner might have been drawn

** Edit

Just noticed after some further investation that there is a seperate section besides the shop on steam where it shows the various scenario packs, and i can see here i already have it. So this is on me, even though i'm suprised i was able to enter the draw.

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