DIG Weekly Bundle 28

1 Tier, 9 games

10 May 2019 - 14 Jun 2019

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Game Ratings Cards Cheevos Details Platforms Bundled Retail Price
Flying Aces - Navy Pilot Simulator 46% of 13 - -    Giveaways    ⚙️ W 0 $19.99
Platform Builder Pro (DLC) No user reviews - -    Giveaways    ⚙️ W 0 $13.99
Orbs 100% of 4 - 🏆    Giveaways    W M 3 $11.99
Space Flowers 0% of 1 - -    Giveaways    W 0 $4.99
Samurai Wish 82% of 11 - 🏆    Giveaways    ⚙️ W 0 $4.99
KO Mech 93% of 15 - 🏆    Giveaways    ⚙️ W M L 0 $4.99
SpaceMerc 100% of 4 - 🏆    Giveaways    W L 1 $2.99
In Between Games 83% of 18 - 🏆    Giveaways    W 0 $1.99
Starting the Game 87% of 62 - 🏆    Giveaways    W 2 $0.99

⚙️ - Steam is learning about this game, therefore some features will be limited (no card drops, achievements won't count, the game will not give a +1 to your library etc.) More Changes Addressing Fake Games


  • $66.91


  • 10.04 (?)

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1 week ago*

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Are you starting to get tired of DIG Weekly bundles or do they still interest you?

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[Buy] One of DIG's Ace bundles, judging my their quality. At least this one has a lot of unbundled games.
[Have] Got 'em already.
[Skip] In Between the Games I currently play, I wouldn't have time for these too.
[Price] I Wish this bundle was cheaper.

KO Mech doesn't look half bad unlike some of the other offers on display. Still not enough to entice me to buy so its an easy pass. Many thanks for the quick thread shakti :-)

1 week ago

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You can grab it from the Discount Store ;)

1 week ago

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Platform Builder Pro looks nice, you always say i will try to make a game someday and you don't.

1 week ago

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