I'm trying to rank up and I keep getting deranked because of deranking teams or trolls. I'm just trying to find people to play with that wants to rank up just like me. Feel free to add me if you want to play together. .

I'm located in the US (East) idk if that matters or not.

I don't have any gifts but here are a few keys that were once free.

3TW8A-ALX9K-?53G8- Dirt Showdown ?=8
0Q82I-HK83R-L626? - Xcom ufo defense ?= R
0TTTV-2XF5W-EI7E? - Xcom ufo defense ?=9
3F7KE-GE7HJ-3ZII? - Galactic Civilizations Ultimate Edition ?= 0
3H6KI-LAP7L-WLLG? - Galactic Civilizations Ultimate Edition2 ?=R
3XRI3-Z9GJ2-DRXJ? - Dungeons 2 ?= C
7RR07-ADLWV-Y9X7? - Killing Floor ?=E
7LE4R-CHG8G-AC8E? - Killing Floor ?=7

2 years ago*

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