Cyber Motion Bundle

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17 Nov 2021 - 08 Dec 2021

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$2.99 (before price increase); $3.49 (afterwards)

Game Ratings Cards Cheevos Details Platforms Bundled Retail Price
Cybermotion 79% of 53 - 🏆 1.20 CV app/623380 W 0 $7.99
Crash Drive 3 96% of 65 🏆 3.00 CV app/346820 W M L 1 $19.99
Last Week 100% of 12 - 🏆 2.25 CV ⚙️ app/1216050 W 0 $14.99
PolyClassic: Wild 88% of 34 - 🏆 0.75 CV ⚙️ app/1631850 W 0 $4.99
Cardinal Cross 94% of 161 🏆 1.80 CV app/815450 W M L 0 $11.99
My Jigsaw Adventures - A Lost Story 90% of 20 - 🏆 0.75 CV ⚙️ app/1297230 W M L 0 $4.99

⚙️ - Steam is learning about this game, therefore some features will be limited (no card drops, achievements won't count, the game will not give a +1 to your library etc.) More Changes Addressing Fake Games


  • $64.94


  • 9.74

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Wondering what games you already own from this bundle? There's a UserScript for that! It's called the RaChart™ Enhancer!

RaChart™ Enhancer SG Thread (deleted)
RaChart™ Enhancer SG Thread (

This script enhances the charts by showing you which games you already own from the ones in it. If you own it, the row will be highlighted with a green color.

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2 weeks ago*

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[Buy] Good thing that I got my paycheck Last Week, let's spend it on some games!
[GroupBuy] Paying a dollar less compared to the initial price is a pretty sweet deal.
[Have] I Lost track of when I bought them, but it seems that I already own most of these.
[Skip] These games haven't Crossed my path yet, but I surely don't want them to.

Never heard of Cardinal Cross but it caught my eye, I will think about it...
Thanks for the chart as always!

2 weeks ago

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