Hello dear SG community & welcome to my WL recruitment.

I've decided to open it as a tiny token of gratitude to those who support Ukraine. In this case via the Humble Bundle charity pack.
I'll be adding those, willing to join my 💙, under one simple condition. Namely, if they've been recently giving away games from the afore mentioned bundle (I'll be adding mine shortly). I think this is a reasonable enough proof of their contribution to the case.

You can find the info about the bundle here: [Humble Bundle] Stand With Ukraine Bundle 💙💛

I highly encourage You all to help the innocent people who suffer from this awful war. HB gives a nice opportunity to do that.
This money will provide humanitarian aid, not firearms, so you can put your political views aside.

Of course I can perfectly understand that some of you, due to many circumstances, simply can't afford that & I respect that fully.

I hope this discussion won't bring much negative emotions here. I'm aware that I'll get some blacklist for that too, but I don't care actually.
Please, lets keep thing civil here :)

Vault Boy stands with Ukraine! 💙💛

4 months ago

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1 month ago

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Not here to apply for your WL, just wanted to thank everyone who bought the bundle and ask you all to keep supporting Ukraine in any way you can. The war is far from over and help is much needed.
If you're unsure how to help or where to donate, here's a few links that might help:
https://war.ukraine.ua/support-ukraine/ https://supportukrainenow.org/ https://www.defendukraine.org/donate https://helpukraine.center/
Thank you.
Also, adding OP and few others from the thread to my WL.

1 week ago*

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Thank you & welcome to my whitelist too 💙
I totally agree. The war is unfortunately far from over & we can not turn a blind eye on Ukraine & support it as much as possible.

5 days ago

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