I've just won "The Blackwell Bundle" and after activating the key I was surprised, that the link from the giveaway leads to the steam shop. So the bundle was removed from the shop I thought, no big deal. Long story short - after googling and trying to figure out things: There were two bundles, the "Retail" bundle and a non-retail bundle.
If you create a new giveaway on SG, the only option that shows up is the non-retail (in its title) bundle. Its steam sub id is 13237. The one that I won though has "Retail" in its title (according to my steam account registered keys section) and has the sub id 12554.
While the first bundle contains 4 of the blackwell games, the one that I got only contains 3. And apparently there has been a blackwell bundle that included all 5 blackwell games: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/6377/The_Blackwell_Bundle/.

I would assume that the SG database is missing an entry for creating a giveaway for the Retail Bundle and I now don't know how to handle the issue "received"-wise. Obviously it wasn't the bundle with the four games and if SG checks my library, it won't fine the correct bundle (with all four games).
I've contacted the giveaway creator about it but would like to hear your suggestions on how to handle the issue in regards of SG.

(This steamdb-page contains the IDs and differences: https://steamdb.info/app/80340/subs/)

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