Otaku Bundle DX #3

1 tier, 6 games in total!

05 July to 16 August 2017

Purchase Options:
$1.99 per unit (if you buy x1)
$1.25 per unit (if you buy x2)
$0.80 per unit (if you buy x5)
$0.60 per unit (if you buy x10)

Tier 1: $1.99

Alien Shooter TD 85% of 207 Reviews ? 1 $9.99
Captain Lycop : Invasion of the Heters 91% of 12 Reviews ? 1 $9.99
Darkness Ahead - of 7 Reviews ? 1 $4.99
Painted Memories - of 8 Reviews ? 1 $4.99
Stunt Toys 41% of 12 Reviews - 1 $4.99
Tank Blast 73% of 187 Reviews ? 2 $4.99


  • Tier 1 = $39.94


  • Tier 1 = 5.991

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Wondering what games you already own from this bundle? There's an extension/UserScript for that! It's called the RaChartâ„¢ Enhancer!

This script enhances the charts by showing you which games you already own from the ones in it. If you own it, the row will be highlighted with a green color.

Thanks to luckz for professional poll puns.

1 month ago

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This is an invasion of my Heters, I refuse to buy this!
More like 'rebundled trash blast'
There's a darkness ahead, and I'm unsure if I'll pay up.
My grandchildren will paint my memories of buying this! The wallet is wide open!
Potato TD

Got them all.

1 month ago

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