[UserScript] Steam Web Integration


I originally wanted to extend this userscript, but I figured that this could be useful for broader applications. For example, a have-list on steam trades with steam links to the game, or a indie bundle page with steam links to the games. It is fully compatible with my Have List Filter userscript. All it does it check each web page for links to store.steampowered.com/app and store.steampowered.com/sub, check if you own or wishlisted it and display a little icon.


  • Checks the web pages for links steam games
  • Checks if those links contain games owned/wishlisted/ignored/removed
  • Displays an informative icon next to the link
  • Displays caching information when hovering over the icon
  • Option to choose the position of the icon
  • Caching of data
  • Support for dynamically generated web content



  1. Download and install Tampermonkey for your browser
  2. Download the userscript above
  3. (Optional) Configure your preferred settings in the code
  4. Hit install when asked
  5. Enjoy!


Why do I keep getting popups?
The part of Steam API I am using is quite buggy. Just make sure you are logged in to steam in your web browser and visit this page and refresh until you can see all your data is loaded (you will see this if it is not loaded).

Why doesn't it work for me?
I don't know. Be sure to contact me and provide me the log/error from the JavaScript console, if there is any.
Post here

Can I suggest a feature?
Yes, absolutely!
Post here


Version 1.6
Added support for trading cards icon.

Version 1.5
Added support for games that were removed or delisted on Steam.

Version 1.3
Implemented caching of data and added support for dynamically generated content.

Version 1.2
Prevented alerts from showing when in incognito mode

Version 1.1
Added support for agecheck links

Version 1.0

  • initial release



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I suggest you make an issue about it on github.

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