"SG Community Contribution"

Maybe the keys don´t work anymore of various reasons, pls forgive me ;)

This community lives from "caring & sharing" so be part of it!

Sharing giveaways & also winning ones should not be taken for granted.
If you win a giveaway please leave in any form a simple "thank you", as a sign of your gratitude.
Info: Not sticking to this little gesture, could result in blacklisting, so please show some thankfulness.

Info: If it occurs that a key is region locked, pls be fair and allow me to delete the GA"*
Info: I´m aware of, that if the key doesn't work, I can't mandate the winner to agree to delete the GA. I'm just asking.*

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Thanks for the game!

3 weeks ago

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Congratulations to your first win from me!
winchance: " 0.93%"

sincerley your,

  • moppel

This key was brought to you by;

3 weeks ago

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