Greeting to that small addition for the Pride Month.

I believe in education case by case more than I believe in waving a flag while walking in the street, but that may be related to the fact I'm disabled and walking is complicated for me.

I'm part of the LGBTQA+ since very long, but because of lack of education, I didn't even know that there were existing other people like me before 3 years ago. I thought I was an error, happens I'm not, I'm just part of the Asexual spectrum.
Most of people know at least the L and G letters of the spectrum, sometimes they understand that being Bisexual in couple doesn't mean that they become suddenly either hetero or homosexual but there is very little education regarding asexuality.

What is Asexuality:

Being asexual means that you have no sexual drive, someone who is asexual can love someone romantically but have no desire to have sexual relationship.
There have been a lot of studies trying to understand and give a reason to Asexuality, as would say my therapist, it's mostly because sexual drive is so common and hard to control that someone who doesn't have it seems to have a "problem" somewhere, like they aren't working perfectly.
No studies enlightened anything really specific regarding Asexuality so it shouldn't be considered as an anomaly.. Which - believe me - can be really hard for people to accept.

What to not do while facing someone who out themselves as being Asexual :

This part is mostly to explain what is super rude when you're facing someone who is telling you that they are Asexual.

  • Please, do NOT consider that it's suddenly okay to request a list of what they do in private with their partner.
    As a matter of fact, some Asexual can have some sexual relationship with their partner for their happiness while they don't feel any desire for it. Some others don't. Some are okay for being touched. Some others don't. Like every other person around you, they are people with their own preferences and those should stay private unless they allow you to ask.
  • Don't blame them for not making their partner happy. Don't pity their partner for having to deal with them.
    This happened to me 90% of the time, even with close friend. Being Asexual and in couple is really complicated for obvious reason, the person who just told you they are Asexual certainly has to deal with guilt and pain every single day of their life, you don't have to add to it.
  • Do not ask if there is a solution or a medicine to "fix the problem".
    I know that a lot of people don't know about Asexuality, but.. Trust us, if there was a solution, most of Asexual would take it, me included. We're living in a world where sex is omnipresent and it's really hard to deal with the fact that nothing manage to arouse you.

As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that the person in front of you may have a different sexual life than yours, but they have feelings too and the questions you wouldn't like to be asked aren't suddenly ok when it comes to them.

Remember that educating is really important, for really long I felt like I was an oddity, abnormal because I received absolutely no education regarding those topics. If you have a kid, I can only encourage you to teach them to respect their own needs rather than trying to fit in a mold that will make them unhappy.

If you have any NON PERSONAL questions about asexuality, please feel free to ask. I'll try to answer my best. If you don't feel safe asking here, feel free to pick any of my giveaways and to write your question in there.

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