Hello friends, you're lucky to be the first to hear about Lichenvale, a first-person hack and slash game inspired by the classics such as Hexen, Quake and Blood. No, I'm not behind this title, I'm just helping out this news reaches you first.

Here's the story:

There are dreams and there are nightmares. There is death and there are swords and spells to stove it off. What will you do when dark specters come for you tonight? Players find themselves in the role of a young woman bothered by covid19-stress induced nightmares. Can you find your way through the labyrinths of darkness, or will you be trapped forever?

I have played the current build myself, helped out with some balancing (as you can do if you try the demo and let the dev knows what you think in the discord) and I can tell you it's fun to play and is looking like it's gonna be a really nice 90's style action game.

Wanna know more?

Steam page for following/wishlisting:

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4 months ago

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