• All giveaways must be for Steam redeemable gifts or Steam redeemable keys.
  • Beta keys which do not provide unrestricted access to the full game in the future, guest passes, demos, and coupons cannot be given away.
  • Giveaways need to accurately reflect the game being given away. If the game is not available in the giveaway list, please contact support to have the game added, instead of posting the giveaway under an incorrect name.

I highly suggest you to delete this GA or get suspended. You'll lose one GA slot but this is the correct way. On next time; try not to do that same mistake again otherwise you'll end up with no slots left AKA you'll no longer be able to create a giveaway. BTW in-game codes are not allowed, only Steam keys/gifts (hence the name of website). Make sure your key gives full access to the game as stated above. Welcome to SG!
PS:Read FAQ and Guidelines!

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Much appreciated!

2 months ago

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