Viscera Cleanup Detail - The Complete Bundle

1 Tier, 1 Game + 3 DLCs

23 May 2019 - 07 Jun 2019 (as part of the Bundle 24-7 event)

05 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2019

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Open question: do these come as separate keys?

The store package already contains Santa's Rampage. Does the bundle provide an extra key on top of that?

$8.99 | €8.95 | £6.69 | CA$9.99 | AU$14.35 | RUB685

Game Ratings Cards Cheevos Details Platforms Bundled Retail Price
Viscera Cleanup Detail 92% of 5368 🏆 1.95 CV W M 7 $12.99
Viscera Cleanup Detail - The Vulcan Affair (DLC) 93% of 33 - - 0.45 CV W M 1 $2.99
Viscera Cleanup Detail - House of Horror (DLC) 92% of 79 (Base game has cards) - 0.45 CV W 6 $2.99
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage 90% of 3110 - 🏆 0.37 CV W 13 $2.49


  • $21.46


  • 3.22

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3 months ago*

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Cleanup time?

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[Buy] I'm excited to start my new job as a janitor.
[Have] If only I could clean my place as well as I can clean these viscera remnants!
[Skip] Seeing blood / gore makes me sick.
[Price] No, deffinitely not at that price.

too pricy, thanks as usual.. this doesn't even look as a bundle

3 months ago

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It's a bundle but not at a bundle price.

3 months ago

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It's back for another 7 days, same price & content.

1 week ago

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the game is very good, but damn that's pricy...

1 week ago

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