DIG Weekly Bundle 6

1 tier, 9 games

07 Feb 2019 - 01 March 2019

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Game Ratings Cards Achievements Details Bundled Retail Price
Witch The Bloodlines 71% of 14 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    ⚙️ 3 $14.99
Master Pyrox Wizard Smackdown 83% of 6 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    1 $5.99
COMPLEX 75% of 8 reviews - -    Giveaways    1 $5.99
Yandere School 57% of 144 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    1 $4.99
Morphine 74% of 438 reviews 🏆    Giveaways    6 $2.99
Dragon Chase 100% of 2 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    ⚙️ 0 $1.99
A Killer's Sorrow No user reviews - -    Giveaways    ⚙️ 0 $1.99
JumpBall 2 75% of 4 reviews - -    Giveaways    0 $1.99
Away From Earth: Mars 62% of 197 reviews - 🏆    Giveaways    ⚙️ 0 $0.99

⚙️ - Steam is learning about this game, therefore some features will be limited (no card drops, achievements won't count, the game will not give a +1 to your library etc.) More Changes Addressing Fake Games


  • $41.91


  • 6.29

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1 week ago*

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Aaaand another one?

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[Buy] The reason why I bought this is pretty COMPLEX to explain.
[Have] Full of sorrow, I must tell you that I already bought these games.
[Skip] all I want is to Stay Away From DIG bundles.
[Price complaint] Gotta Chase those profits, eh?
[Potato] So, twice a week according to DIG is... "Weekly"? Good math!

Wow. DIG are really trying to get on the otaku bandwagon. 2 bundles in 2 days approximately. Its a shame that most of the games I was interested in have already been bundled recently so at this price its a very easy pass.

1 week ago

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"Walking Dead" DIG Edition

1 week ago

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Another overpriced crap bundle... Easy skip...

1 week ago

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