So, Pixel Privateers is a game that I really looked forward to while it was in development and I instantly bought the game when it became available... However, I usually can't get myself to play a singleplayer game (for a long time), which is why this game is amazing since it has co-op. However there is the one issue that I know NOONE that owns this game. So, here I am. Looking for someone else who also has this amazing game and would want to play it together. I know chances are slim, considering it's a pretty new indie game that not a lot of people know about, but hey, it's worth a shot! Preferably I'd use voice chat too! :)

Thanks for reading! Just add me on Steam or send a message below if you're interested :)
No gib here, since I don't have any unredeemed keys left.

I know I can just go on the Steam community forums and look there... But I just like the people on these forums more in general :D
And this is what we have the "Let's Play Together category for! Right..? :D

I would not recommend buying this game now, from what it seems in Steam reviews, the devs went bankrupt and don't update the game anymore at all (and it's still quite buggy)
Unless you're fine with the current state of the game.. Then go for it! :D
You can read more about them going bankrupt and why here

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