Cubic Bundle - Limited Edition Bundle

10 games in total!

14 September to 17 October 2017

Tier 1 - $1.49; $2.49 or more for two copies of the bundle

Game Ratings Cards Bundled Retail Price
State of Anarchy 84% of 533 reviews 5 $0.99
Atonement 2: Ruptured by Despair 71% of 32 reviews 4 $5.99
Elements II: Hearts of Light 62% of 43 reviews 4 $4.99
City of Chains 77% of 109 reviews 6 $8.99
Outrage 56% of 50 reviews 4 $3.99
Fall of Civilization 44% of 34 reviews 3 $6.99
Shadows 2: Perfidia 83% of 43 reviews 2 $1.99
Project Starship 84% of 253 reviews 5 $0.99
Dungeon of Zolthan 76% of 245 reviews 4 $0.99
Red Death 84% of 26 reviews - 1 $0.99

☠ - Game was free at some time and does not grant any CV if given away.

  • $36.90


  • 5.5350

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Wondering what games you already own from this bundle? There's an extension/UserScript for that! It's called the RaChart٠Enhancer!

This script enhances the charts by showing you which games you already own from the ones in it. If you own it, the row will be highlighted with a green color.

Thanks to luckz for providing the poll answers!

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1 month ago*

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Are you Limited?

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Better Red than... Death, buying. $1.25 per copy is doable.
I live in the Perfidious Shadows, without friends to split with. $1.49.
What an Outrage, I own these.
The Fall of Civilization is upon us, this ain't worth the money.
My Dungeon is in another City, don't need these.

Gotz em. Next.

1 month ago

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Thank you for posting Sensualshakti! :3

They look all like limited repeats here.

1 month ago

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Thanks for the chart
missing 2, not interested

1 month ago

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