DIG Weekly Bundle 101 - Anamik

1 Tier, 9 Items

03 Dec 2019 - 07 Jan 2020

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Game Ratings Cards Cheevos Details Platforms Bundled Retail Price
The Mystery of Devils House 60% of 15 - πŸ† 0.15 CV app/825970 W L 6 $0.99
Smash Halloween Pumpkins: The Challenge 54% of 13 - πŸ† 0.15 CV app/886010 W L 7 $0.99
Gaze At Maze 14% of 7 - πŸ† 0.30 CV app/861210 W L 6 $1.99
Super Strawberry Man 50% of 4 - πŸ† 0.30 CV βš™οΈ app/914900 W L 5 $1.99
Zack Y 20% of 5 - πŸ† 0.15 CV app/937620 W L 5 $0.99
Fight For Love 50% of 2 - πŸ† 0.15 CV app/989250 W L 5 $0.99
The Chills 50% of 16 - πŸ† 0.15 CV βš™οΈ app/1008140 W L 4 $0.99
Haunted Jail: Alcatas 50% of 4 - πŸ† 0.15 CV βš™οΈ app/1056650 W L 4 $0.99
Mission XAM 33% of 3 - πŸ† 0.15 CV app/1060690 W L 3 $0.99

βš™οΈ - Steam is learning about this game, therefore some features will be limited (no card drops, achievements won't count, the game will not give a +1 to your library etc.) More Changes Addressing Fake Games


  • $10.91


  • 1.64

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Wondering what games you already own from this bundle? There's an extension/UserScript for that! It's called the RaChartβ„’ Enhancer!

This script enhances the charts by showing you which games you already own from the ones in it. If you own it, the row will be highlighted with a green color.

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1 week ago*

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So, it's not over yet (after the 100th bundle...)

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[Buy] Ok, I bought them. Now The Challenge is to actually play them.
[Have] I Gaze at my library and I see these games in it.
[Skip] Looking at this bundle gives me The Chills.

Wat?! It's not from Indiegama, it's from dailyindiegame.com

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Sorry, I fixed the title now.

1 week ago

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