This post will be pretty long and won't contain any giveaways, sorry. Do only read if you're interested to discover an unknown fps platformer :)
So it's been a bit more of a year that I've been playing this game actively, Playing less now because something bad happened with the amount of player, i'll talk about that later.

The game is called "Obstacles" and is a community created mod of "Shootmania Storm" by Nadeo. Where Shootmania is about killing other people by using various gameplay mechanics such as launchpads,walljumps, some sort of "spiderman things" to grab and stuff, the obstacle mod focuses on those mechanics to create huges parcours maps that you have to finish in the fastest time. You can shoot your rockets (your ammunitions) :

  • under your feet to bump you from the ground (rocket-jump)
  • on a wall to bump you to the opposite site (flick-jump)
  • on a wall AND under your feet to keep you mid air, then walljump on that same wall to get speed and height !(RWJ : Rocket-walljump
  • on a wall and with a certain angle and speed to keep ascending while not leaving the wall. (Bobby jump or EJ: Escalator-jump)
  • etc

The base game cost 20€ BUT only 5€ at that time on Steam ! I hope I'll make you try this game, we really want new players out there !
Here's a run that "Faith Hero" made, the best player in our community (the whole Faith team is made of aliens but this guy is really impressive and made me start the game.

Unfortunately I just discovered while searching for his runs that our main Youtuber who posted obstacles runs made his vids private, I'd have loved to show you "10 WR by Hero" which was a really impressive footage. I decided to show you 2 of mine, where you'll see more mechanics that we use in runs (don't think of it as a personnal promotion, I don't even make those runs public and i'm not making videos either.)

So from now i'll talk quite fast about the history the game has then I'll be out.
The summary above plus the videos probably gave you enough answer to decide wether or not you join us, just know that the community is really low (~10 - 20) but the amount of map is pretty big and there'll always be people to help you on beginners/tutorials maps

But why "something bad happened with the amount of player" ?
Well the game is mainly known by french players because the only streamer who talked about the game back when it was new (4-5 years ago I think) was ZeratoR, the most famous french streamer today. But it's been 4 years that he didn't play the game nor streamed it and back then the game was FREE ! Now you have to possess Shootmania Storm to launch the Obstacle mod. So you can imagine that the game died pretty quick after that. Now there's a few noobies playing and raging, but principaly experienced players and mappers on Intermediate or Expert servers. That's why we need a noobie invasion ! That's all the community wants now. I tought of posting that in Reddit but I felt like SG community prefer multigaming a lot more and is more mature. I'm sure there'll be a few of you interested in this game and it'll be enough for me to be proud.

I really want to thank you for reading, I'm from those french players so my english is certainly not perfect. I still hope I've been clear and didn't make to much mistakes. I also hope that I got the rights to post that here, the Guidelines didnt forbid me to do so.
Finally, I hope that it made you curious about the game and that you'll jump on this 5€ deal, it's been more than 500h of funs I've had and it surely been a good buy

If you want to browse for more runs, check out
hero's channel :
Obstacles Run :
Wallacedp's channel :
And the most impressive run in the game, on a 3m map where there is no ground :

Thanks you very much for reading, feel free to ask anything below. Have a nice day, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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After reading, are you interested in this game ?

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Yeah, seems cool !
Nope sorry, not my kind of game

It's interesting but I think quite a number of people won't play it because:

  • Certain maps will likely require fast paced actions and some of us can't handle that.
  • The above and otherwise can make some folk nauseous.
  • Some people can't be bother to modify games.

I did leave a couple of reasons out. You might have better luck on reddit. The active user count is larger and might be more willing.
Thank you for taking the time to spread awareness of the game.

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From the movement this reminds me a little bit of Surfing in Counterstrike but with a much more realistic approach... It looks like it requires a certain amount of skill / reflexes (and therefor training) which i kinda like. I'll certainly take a closer look at it, but its unlikely that im gonna buy another game anytime soon. if i do - i'll let you know! thanks for sharing (caring) !

1 year ago

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