There's is more and MORE games add! Thanks for the feedback Guys!

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Hidden Free Gems - By k55x

Some importante Notes are below the games, like: More games, a second game from the franchise but maybe is PAID, if this game is a DEMO, coments from the users who comented below here i put in "xxx", and others things. Please, Noticied this.

If you know another game always free on steam, and is cool comment down here so i will put it here if your name!

                                              Tips of the Heroes!


Warframe By Intruder

"Action Shooter Looter - a mix of what Destiny wanted to be, action games and looters (diablo style) , Warframe is a constantly evolving game with developers who are nerdy, free to do what they want in the game and communicative. One of the few free to play games that doesn't ask for your money. Easy to pick up, a lot of depth to it's lore and game mechanics and never resting. Right when the game had it's 6th year anniversary, it got an update that made the great graphics it has, even better without sacrificing performance a bit. A diamond in the rough."

Path of exile By AlexRow


Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop By Borsdy/AlexRow


Alien swarm By AlexRow


Spiral Knights By Bassilus

"Fun dungeon crawler with cute art style!"

Dirty Bomb - By Proteas

WAKFU By napnap

"Turn based + grid movement mmorpg"

Trove By napnap

"Minecraft style mmorpg"

Brawlhalla By TechShooter

Minion Master By napnap

"Card game (still in early access, haven't tried it yet)"

Bit Heroes By napnap

"Pixel graphics, turn based (I haven't play this one as well but the reviews are looking good)"

Tales of Escape - Room 1 By riffraff1985

Yet Another Zombie Defense By PLBSplash


Cry of fear By AlexRow

Zombie Panic! Source By JonathanDoe

SYNTHETIK Arena By OGandalf

No More Room in Hell By Bassilus

"One of the best zombie survival games around, it's objective-based, can be hosted locally and thus played single, but it shines in multi co-op with friends"

CS2D By Bassilus

"CS but in 2D, with additional different modes and weapons"

Relic Hunters Zero By Jinkujaku


HIMNO ! Will be released on 12/04/2019 (BRAZIL) or 04/12/2019 (EUA) !






Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls By trueunderbreaker

The abbey of crime By AlexRow

Steel Sword Story ! DEMO !

External Visions By falloutdude83


The Mammoth: A Cave Painting

Sisyphus Reborn By Celtic7Guardian

A Raven Monologue By Celtic7Guardian

A Game About By Celtic7Guardian

How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness By adam1224

The Cat and the Coup By OGandalf

Tunche: Arena By OGandalf

Love Thyself a Horátio Story By AMPLITUDE

"Visual novel based in Endless universe"

Disturbed By riffraff1985

A Date in the Park By riffraff1985

Cube Escape: Paradox (only Chapter 1 is free) By riffraff1985

Chapter 2 is PAID

The Monster Inside By riffraff1985

Dev Guy By riffraff1985

Triennale Game Collection By riffraff1985

Coloring Pixels By riffraff1985

The Old Tree By riffraff1985

TREE By riffraff1985

Antenna By riffraff1985

Perceptions of the Dead By riffraff1985

Have a second game PAID

The Plan By riffraff1985

Among Ripples By riffraff1985

Close Your Eyes By riffraff1985

There is a PAID remake

Max Gentlemen By riffraff1985

Mainland By riffraff1985

Please Love My Computer Game By riffraff1985

Viki Spotter: Camping By riffraff1985

Iron Snout By riffraff1985

I Misteri di Maggia By Cromwell

Missing Translation By napnap

"Short puzzle game with nice pixel graphics/art"

The Howler By MDSSDC


Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist

Maries Room By PossiblePsycho/TiMaria

I remembered one, from Life is Stranger Franchise and it's free: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Stanley Parable By Rexlux


Dawn By genkicoll

Estranged Act I / Estranged ActII - By JosefStone

Gizmo By SpaceCouncil

What Never Was By dreadgal

Electric Highways By OGandalf

Awkward Dimensions Redux By OGandalf

ConcluseBy riffraff1985

Port of Call By riffraff1985

Serena By riffraff1985

Off-Peak By riffraff1985

Fingerbones By riffraff1985

the static speaks my name By riffraff1985

SEPTEMBER 1999 By riffraff1985

Blameless By riffraff1985

The NADI Project By riffraff1985

"Very buggy, though"

Resident Evil 7 / Biohazard 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour By riffraff1985

Doorways: Old Prototype By riffraff1985

Transmissions: Element 120 By riffraff1985

Scrap Garden - The Day Before By napnap

"A short puzzle, 3d platformer game (this is a sequel/prequel from Scrap Garden PAID)"

[X] Minerva By AlexRow

Stay mentioned, but needs Half Life 2 episode one, so it's NOT EXACTLY FREE

[X] Half life C.A.G.E.D By AlexRow

Stay mentioned, but needs Half Life, so it's NOT EXACTLY FREE

[X] Rexaura By Bassilus

NEED PORTAL [PAID GAME] - "Very difficult mod for Portal"

[X] Thinkimg with Time Machine By Bassilus

NEED PORTAL 2 [PAID GAME] - "Mod for Portal 2"

[x] Portal Stories Mel - By Bassilus

NEED PORTAL 2 [PAID GAME] - "Ecellent mod for Portal 2, highly recommended to anyone that enjoyed Portal's story, very difficult though, but has alternate mode with simpler puzzles"

[X] Life is Strange - Only Episode 1 By napnap

"Walking simulator, time travel"

[X] Grimm By napnap

"Casual, comedy, action, adventure game"



You Have to Win the Game By beeeye

Fork Parker's Holiday Profit Hike By KaiserDark



Yume Nikki By stavogrin

CAYNE By PossiblePsycho

Also Look for the PAID GAME: STASIS By PossiblePsycho

Emily is Away By Rexlux

So this game has a second PAID GAME: Emily is Away too

Fallout shelter By AlexRow

Eternal Senia By Bassilus

"Cute short RPG"

Wyrmsun By Bassilus

"Kinda like Warcraft II but based on nordic mythology"

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 By Bassilus

"JRPG parody which is a legit rpg game on its own"

Battle for Wesnoth By Bassilus

"Turn-based strategy"

Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok By Cromwell

The Huntsman: Winter's Curse By riffraff1985

Realm Grinder By napnap

"Idle / clicker game (This is also available for ANDROID/IPHONE)"

Crusaders of the Lost Idols By Thirteen13

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms By Thirteen13

Zombidle : REMONSTERED By Thirteen13

Idle Wizard By Thirteen13

Black Survival / 黑色幸存者 By Spudette

Soda Dungeon By napnap

"Another somewhat idle rpg game"

Creativerse By napnap

"Minecraft style sandbox"

Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves By thebap

Shadowverse CCG By MDSSDC

Trick & Treat By MDSSDC

Fausts Alptraum By MDSSDC

[x] Stoneshard: Prologue By napnap

"Turn based, dungeon crawling, rpg (this is a smaller version, sort of, to a game called Stoneshard that has not been released yet)"


Doki Doki Literature Club! By Tawatabak

Cinderella Phenomenon By Celtic7Guardian

"Otome/Visual Novel"

The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne By Celtic7Guardian

Sunrider Mask of Arcadius By Bassilus

"Visual novel that has 2 more paid games in the series"

Everlasting Summer By Bassilus

"Pretty good visual novel"

ChuSingura461 By Bassilus

"Visual novel with more episodes being PURCHASABLE)

MONMUSU By Bassilus

"Idle game with monster girls, with art by Sayori who's art is also in NEKOPARA"

The Bottom of the Well By riffraff1985

Lake of Voices By Thirteen13

Confess My Love By MDSSDC

拯救大魔王2 Rescue the Great Demon 2 By MDSSDC


OLD TV By PerroFlaco

Jigoku Kisetsukan: Sense of the Seasons By LifeWindir

Endless Sky By Bassilus

"ELITE-like space fighter/trader sim game"

XXZ By riffraff1985

I used this section to format the thread, if some game is on some wrong category, please comment below so i can change. I resume some category a lot, like Indies and WalkSimulator to no categorized a lot.

1 month ago*

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Stanley Parable is not free on Steam, but great game

1 month ago

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Brawlhalla (2D fighting game)

1 month ago

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Paladins ? f2p overwatch-like game

1 month ago

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It have free demo, but demo is working version 1.00.

It's a survival/strategy/cards/RPG or something ^^

1 month ago

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The Descendant, Episode 1 only:
It is a VN.

Bear With Me, Episode 1 only:
It is a detective point and clic game.

Grimm, Episode 1 only:

Batman: The Telltale Series, Episode 1 only: steam:/install/543830/
Minecraft: Story Mode, Episode 1 only: steam:/install/560040/
There may be more episode 1 of Telltale games. Those are some kind of VN.

FPS, need Trion account (it have another name now)

Robots fight moba, may need another account

Pixel Puzzles Ultimate:
Puzzle game.

Business Tour:
A bad Monopoly.

Line of Sight:
A FPS where your character can use a superpower.

Magic Duels:
Magic: The Gathering card game.

Stratégy card game, the free version is limited.
No need to explain ;).

ENYO Arcade:
Mtroid like 2D plateformer.

Hero Zero:

SAS: Zombie Assault 4:
MMO shooter vs zombies.

SF fighter jet simulation.

Battlerite Royal:

Awesomenauts :


Heavy Metal Machines:
Car race moba.

MMO shoteer, still in eeaerly access.

Order of Battle: World War II:
WWII strategy game.

Quake Champions:
FPS, still in eeaerly access.

Relic Hunters Zero:
Shooting game.


Minion Master is no more in early access, it truned free when it leaved it. It is mix of card game and RTS.

1 month ago*

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Guess this fits the thread perfectly

Burning Daylight

1 month ago

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Fantastic car survival game (battle royale style) that brings back memories of Twisted Metal and similar car/shooter games of the past. It really has a unique feeling to the genre, and it is free to play, making it a great game to try out.

1 month ago

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When the Darkness comes
I think this one deserves to be on list. Nice psychological horror game. Definitely recommend it.

3 weeks ago

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Visual Novel

This is a pretty good free mystery VN - It's nothing particularly exciting or new, but I did greatly enjoy it.

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

If you want to learn how guns work, this is a really cool educative guns simulator - You can use, test, disassemble and reassemble real guns virtually. I haven't played in in years, but I had fun with it, and I learned how fully auto guns work.

Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt
Retro/RPG/Bullet hell

An absolute gem of a game in my opinion. Very short, but very entertaining - If you like retro RPG/adventure games, or even Undertale (the combat is similar), you'll love this.

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion

Do you hate horror games which rely too much on jumpscares? Well, this game is exactly what its title suggest - Just jumpscares. Everywhere. But it's actually super fun, so I recommend it.

3 weeks ago

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I played a bit of Spooky's JSM today... I could only make it to room 282 before boredom settled in. Different people, different taste... I know. Still, I was expecting to get a bit jumpy at some point. That didn't happen. :o/

Did you manage to go through all 1000 rooms?

3 weeks ago

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Nah, honestly didn't get past ~150 I think? I can't remember, but I know I got past the first few "bosses".
It's not something I'd spend all day playing, but I launched it a few times and enjoyed the time spent with it.

3 weeks ago

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I just play this litlle game yesterday and its amazing....

3 weeks ago

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Any chance for a VR section? :)
Here is one to start (but I played quite a few free ones on Steam) -

3 weeks ago

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This comment was deleted 3 weeks ago.

3 weeks ago

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Sigils of Elohim a small puzzle game connected to the Talos Principle. :)
EXAPUNKS: TEC Redshift Player

2 weeks ago*

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I can suggest A Date In The Park, a very short point and click adventure with an unsettling atmosphere and a twisted ending. Also has achievements for a quick 100%.

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

Comment has been collapsed. is a very good RTS game, and completely free (and open source). The only thing you can get with money is a 'supporter' forum badge.

2 weeks ago

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