I just wanna share my situation with you, recently, I created Humble Bundle account and purchased these items during December 2021:

Humble Choice 1 year subs. for myself
Dangerous Worlds full Bundle for my self and 5 more as gift
Best of Sandbox Bundle tier $1 for myself and 1 more as gift
Microids: Games & Comics Crossover Collection full bundle for myself

And I didn't claim even a single key from these bundles, several days later I tried to login to my account and I saw my account got disabled (without any warning or ...), then, I tried to contact support and explained what happened, they didn't answer, again another email and still nothing (About 3 weeks ago).
I created another account and sent another ticket with full explanation to check what will happen to my tickets and I asked them to refund my money (Cuz I didn't claim any key and don't have access to my purchases anymore - at least those ones that I purchased in my previous account directly).
They just mark my tickets as solved without any message! I found out they totally ignoring me and that is so rude.

So, I have 3 questions:

1- May I use PayPal buyer's protection without any concern that It has no negative effect on my account (I also didn't reveal any game key)? (I newly created my PayPal account, too)
2- Humble Bundle's support always do this?
3 - Can I purchase again from Humble Bundle with the same PayPal account or it's risky to ban again?

Disclaimer: I'm not a reseller. I just wanted to trade and giveaway my games.

4 months ago*

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Humble Bundle Support

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They are Angels!
They are Devils!
So rude!
Shame on you for purchasing too much bundles

dont "gift"
send keys instead

4 months ago

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