Haven't really done alot of ga's lately, but I just saw that ets2 and the dlc's are on sale for a week.
So I thought I'm gonna give the basegame away on here, and ask people only to enter if they really want to play the game.

The ga will end thursday 8pm cest and I will observe the winners steam profile until sunday. If they mannage to play the game for at least 3 hours during that time they will get the going east dlc aswell!
And I mean really play.. not just afk. I wanna see some achievements. :3

For the ones that already own ets2 I have included a little poll and this

Edit: To also add an incentive to play the game for the winner of the dlc, I'm also going to check their steam profile during that period. If they manage to earn a couple of dlc achievements, they will earn a spot on my whitelist. (Thanks to itsmyghost for the idea!)

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How many hours have you spent playing ets/ats?

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Good games and looking forward for more map expansion

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