Otaku Bundle #15

1 tier, 8 Games + 2 Soundtrack

21 February to 26 March 2018

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Purchase options:

$1.49 per unit (if you buy x1)
$1.25 per unit (if you buy x2)
$0.80 per unit (if you buy x5)
$0.60 per unit (if you buy x10)

Game Ratings Cards Bundled Retail Price
Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars 100% of 10 reviews 1 $9.99
BRIGHTEST No user reviews - 0 $6.99
Moon Bullet No user reviews - 0 $3.99
Spaceship Looter 71% of 35 reviews 2 $9.99
Spaceship Looter - Soundtrack (DLC) No user reviews - 0 $0.99
Carnage in Space: Ignition No user reviews - 0 $4.99
Dragon Boar and Lady Rabbit 86% of 7 reviews - 1 $2.99
Defense of Roman Britain 63% of 11 reviews - 1 $6.99
SkyBoats 85% of 13 reviews 2 $7.99
SkyBoats - Original Soundtrack (DLC) No user reviews (Base game has cards) 2 $4.99


  • $59.90


  • 8.9850

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Kenshin - Otaku Bundle #15

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1 year ago*

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Defense of Carnage of the wallet?

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Is this the BRIGHTEST Otaku bundle ever? I'm buying one copy.
GroupBuy Looter xD
Repeats Arena, I own them.
I'll dodge a Moon Bullet by skipping this bundle.

Missing 4 Games and 2 DLc's, i'm in :)

1 year ago

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Dragon Boar looks cute w I'll try to win it for sure!

1 year ago

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Thank you for posting thread and chart, Sensualshakti! :D

I was missing 3 games and a DLC.

1 year ago

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I own most of the bundle but its some nice games to giveaway I suppose. Cheers for the chart Shakti :D

1 year ago

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