Hi everyone!

I'm Snowie and I'm here to introduce myself here and hopefully build up a community from scratch.

First of all, I have never tried streaming before and a few friends told me to try it. Had always be totally bad with things that may expose me to people in general, and was scared to even try it.
However, after some chat and people convincing me to try it, I decided to just do it!

You may be wondering what I am planning to do. I'm currently streaming on Twitch and have recently started around end June!

The aim will likely to be similar to what I'm doing for quite a long while (the first point) and to do even more!

  • To do a giveaway when I achieved a tough/long game achievement completion
  • Form a community and chat of course
  • Potentially hosting contests / events
  • Collab / Play with Viewers Stream
  • Storytime about the character I'm engaging on
  • Many more hopefully!

This is the first time I probably try streaming, so any support will be greatly welcome.

Here are the links: (They are still new so nothing up yet)

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/snowiefaith/about
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FaithSnowie
Discord: https://discord.io/SnowieParadise
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/snowiefaith/

Meanwhile, every time I accomplish a completion, will update this post with giveaway. =)

Thanks for reading! Good luck and stay safe!

4 months ago*

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Exciting times. I hope you have a lot of fun streaming, the date is getting really close lol.
(Just make sure to be yourself, regardless of what anyone might think :) )

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3 months ago

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Yup, I'm pretty scared. But I guess I will take whatever happens as a learning experience and enjoy it =)

3 months ago

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Yay! Accomplished 100% for Little Nightmares and here's another giveaway!
Do feel free to give a follow or join the community for more updates or just to chat away!


Thankies! Have a wonderful week as always!

2 months ago

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