The store includes a -100% discounted sale for PhasePixel's twin stick shooter game Resistance is Fruitile (normally priced at US$1.99 / ~£1.58), thereby making it a temporary freebie.

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[Deal promotion end date/time] Sunday December 31st 2023 at 5:00 AM GMT


[Game Description]
Resistance is Fruitile is a challenging twin stick shooter jam-packed with sinister fruit monsters and plenty of firepower to take them all on!

As the bride and groom's wedding ceremony inside of an ancient castle comes to a close, a legion of fruit creatures suddenly materializes and steals their pure, delicious chocolate wedding cake! But how dare they?!

Chocolate cake should be fruit free, damn it!
Become the bride, with her powerful shotgun, or the groom, with his rapid-fire pistol, and obliterate every fruit monster that gets in the way of their cake rescue. Hurry before the monsters get away, or worse, contaminate your precious chocolate cake with their blasphemous fruit juices!


  • High octane twin-stick shooting action!
  • Simple but challenging gameplay!
  • Pixel art fruit monster obliteration!
  • Unique Power Card perk system: level up and match two cards of the same type for extra bonuses!
  • Bride and groom local co-op
  • A rockin' soundtrack
  • Full controller support
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